A revival of a beloved series needs three things to make it successful: the original cast, strong writer’s room and the vision to mix the nostalgia of the past with an established present. This must be mixed in with the possibility-based on viewer response-to lay the groundwork for an interesting and complex future.

“The X-Files” has mastered a balance of this formula perfectly. This revival has mixed the mythology of the past with advanced technological advances of the present. The base for the successful endeavor has been the ever present relationship of Scully and Mulder. Even through their bickering and disagreements, the agents of “The X-Files” always maintained a respect and love for each other.

Breaking from the mythology once more, “Home Again” spoke to the social issue of homelessness and gentrification. The subject matter was intense because many cities are facing these crippling 1-2 punches. Showing how local government handles the homeless population-as ACTUAL trash-was a damning condemnation on the system as a whole. Pulling a local street artist as the catalyst for ‘Trash Man’ was symbolic, genius and poignant. ‘Trash Man’ was a manifestation of pent up rage and frustration: the ultimate indictment on society’s ills.

The theme was death and death reigned supreme. Scully’s mother had a massive coronary and eventually succumbed from it. We as viewers were treated to a Gillian Anderson masterclass in emoting; from seeing the name “William” on her phone (realizing it’s Mulder) to the realization that her mom changed her living will. It was magnificent, filled with sadness and a delight to absorb.

The finale episodes will be a tribute to the vision. I for one, am happy to be along for the ride.