With a special nod to Fan Fest and Comic Book Men, we are getting confirmation that two actors are confirmed to reprisal a role of some sort for Fear the Walking Dead’s fifth season.

Fear the Walking Dead has been playing very loosely with the time line as we know, so it’s hard to tell if these characters are alive currently, unless of course they meet the current group. We might see flashbacks from them via Al’s tapes, as a refresher from the quick view of the tape names, we see Abe and doctor, which could be a story this season, or it could be apart of the upcoming movie series, we see D.S., who we are guessing stands for Daniel Salazar. While speaking to website Dia a Dia, he mentioned that he is reprising his role for season 5, but you can’t give much more information than that. I know I have said it before and I will say it a billion times, Salazar is a fantastic character and someone the show could use no matter what the story lines are as he is THAT strong.


Wait, someone else is trying steal my thunder? Whoever it is I will kill them. Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

Troy Otto was another person who was missing from Season 4 but will suddenly emerge in Season 5. His return is a little harder to predict, no initials, names, or characteristics showed up as a name on Al’s tapes. Last we saw Madison was hitting him over the head with a hammer, which you would think would have killed him, but we never saw a death confirmed. Has he just been on the move and crosses paths with the group present day? The other obvious possibility is also on Al’s tapes, was he apart of an unmarked tape, or dog shelter, oil fields, hospital? Of the trio I would imagine he would try to go to a hospital to get bandages and medicine if he did survive. This season has me intrigued as we try to find out if these characters were just seen in the past, OR if we run into them now as the group goes to look for people?


Did you miss me? Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

It will be an interesting season that I can’t wait for! I’m guessing Daniel Salazar is alive because he just seems like one of those guys, while Troy has died. Fear the Walking Dead returns August 12th, 2019.