John Dorie Sr. and June have been in Teddy’s bunker for 25 days now as marked on a board. By this point they have a routine, eat, ride the generator bike, try to reach people on the radio, play some games, drink and go to sleep. This continues until we hit day 47 and John notices that the ceiling is caving in from dirt more and more. On day 69 John is awakened to dirt falling on his face. A lot of things are rumbling and shaking, which knocks down a shelf that uncovers the knowledge that the bunker has another room to it. John breaks the wall, opens the latch on the door and goes inside.

The room is an embalming room, the embalming room that Teddy killed all those girls so many years ago. This is why John and everyone else couldn’t find the truth to put Teddy away. John now wants to find the body of the one victim he never could locate. June is more focused on perfecting some sort of suits so they have the ability to go topside. That night John was unable to sleep without any alcohol so he went back to look around Teddy’s torture room. John thinks he is hears something so he goes to the top rung on the ladder to the hatch and asks if someone is up there. After a few seconds a creepy, “help me” scares John right down the ladder.

John grabs a suit and heads topside. As we know from watching other episodes it’s absolutely horrible topside. John thinks he sees a girl asking for help off in the distance, obviously he is seeing things. June comes out topside and shoots the walker that John thought was a girl talking to him. That figure wasn’t a person but their are three covered up people in the distance who scare the pair back down inside the bunker.

June wants to know what is going on with John, he said that after everything went down he used to have a bottle a day of whatever he could find. When they were in the bunker he snuck some drinks here and there and had about a drink and a half a day. Now that the alcohol is gone he hasn’t had a drink in about a day and a half and is all sorts of shaky. The masked folks are trying like crazy to get inside, June tells John that his episode will likely be days and he will see and hear things worse than topside.

Keith Carradine as John Dorie Sr. – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

The visions are back as Cindy tells John he needs to keep his promise to find her and they can’t stay here. John is freaking out and wants to get into another room to find Cindy so she will leave him alone and he can focus on the raiders. June stabs John with a needle of something and the bunker starts to cave in on them both, pinning June down. John just leaves June where she is and goes back to the other room to talk with Cindy’s spirit to try to figure out where Teddy took her. He thinks that she was going to see her boyfriend and her body must be close to his house.

June is awake but still trapped, John wants to know some answers, she admits that she didn’t want to go topside because she knows what to expect down in the bunker compared to what’s up top. She also says she made up the arbitrary 365 days before it would be safe. With that knowledge John goes topside, he sees that the three raiders are at the alternate entry point trying to get into the bunker. Cindy tries to get him to keep going but he says she isn’t real, he knows that June is real, so he stays and gets into a shootout with the three raiders. He is still shaking a lot but is able to focus enough to shoot two of the three raiders, but the third gets down the hatch.

Keith Carradine as John Dorie Sr. – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

He is still not with it as he imagines a group of incoming walkers are all the girls killed by Teddy coming towards him, when it reality it is more completely stripped down walkers like Will saw earlier this year. He snaps out of it and gets back down the hatch in time to kill the third attacker before he could hurt June. While saving June and moving things out of the way part of the wall breaks and an arm hangs down. Cindy was buried in the wall all along. The two gear up to go outside, they go to the hatch and it caves in on them. Luckily someone heard some of John’s messages earlier, and they were wearing masks that they got saved and taken to, what turns out to be, Victor’s tower.

After sleeping for days John wakes up, Victor comes in and offers him some alcohol but John declines. Victor isn’t sure who the gas mask people were either, after Victor leaves John and June keep talking. John makes it clear he doesn’t want to stay, but June says leaving might not be an option, they look outside to what appears to be big slabs of concrete as walls, with lots of walkers piling up on the other side.

Morgan also heard the radio transmissions and gets to the bunker. On the radio Victor hears Morgan and tells him he is to late. He told him he is rebuilding the world and will help all the people Morgan couldn’t. Morgan tells Victor he hopes he does, but he tells Victor if he hears that he isn’t, Morgan will come for Victor and do the same thing Victor tried on the submarine, but he won’t miss.