I lost count of how many times I said this about Chris. Photo Credit: for image

After finally breaking free from pirates the group continues towards Mexico. When the group gets closer to the border they are met by a welcoming party. A welcoming party of corrupt Mexican cops. They want to be paid for access to Mexico, why money is still important? Plot is the only thing I can come up with. The border patrol was on the boat and felt that their was to many people on it, the only passengers that were in the open was Strand and Luis. When the cover was blown a shootout occurred with Strand and Luis vs the patrol. When it gets to a point where Strand can just push the boat forward we see that Luis has been shot. He was going to die, but he insisted that his head not be shot, he was adamant about it and we will find out why later. The patrol didn’t continue to pursue Strand’s boat, which makes you wonder what is so scary on land that they don’t care to follow.

The group gets to land and heads towards the church, they see weapons strewn about and that should be a sign to get the heck out of there. Hearing all the ruckus the town and church walkers converge on them. You know what was awesome? CHILD WALKERS CHILD WALKERS CHILD WALKERS? I am upset I couldn’t find any pictures, I know I’m twisted for liking that, I even said as much if you follow along with my live tweet at the Pacific Coast feed. The group picked up weapons and started putting down kids, grownups everyone. You could see that a lot of them were still in clothes from the church. At one point Madison got over run by a walker and had one on top of her, Chris was close and had a chance to kill the walker but he didn’t do it, he just stood there looking at them, Alicia saw what was going on, yelled for Chris to kill it and after she killed the walker she was dealing with went and saved Madison. He tried to play it off as he froze and not that he didn’t do it on purpose.

The group realizes that the town is lost and they need to keep moving to Abigail’s compound. They get through the gates, and you see a bunch of people working in the fields as if the world hasn’t ended. This strikes me as a bit odd, I know that some groups are extremely hard workers, but this is off, they get to the welcome crew and are told that the have to leave weapons to come in, that weapons aren’t needed there. Which as a follower of all things walker know that is a huge mistake. You always need to have a weapon near by, anyone can turn to be an enemy let alone part of the dead. Salazar, being again the only one with a sense about him doesn’t want but ultimately complies.

Strand goes to immediately check on Abigail, who appears to be very sick at first, but we see he has been bit, likely by the church crew that we saw in the opening scene. Sadly for Abigail, they didn’t know about the ability to stop the sickness by chopping off the infected body part. They spend most of the time just talking and catching up in this episode, Strand thinks about ending things for himself to join Abigail, we will catch up with them later.

The compound has a weird, sick psycho tree owl thing. I don’t have much more on that I can add. Nick bonds with Cecilia over food, and we see that she was making the poison wafers for Strand, which we can piece together what happened to the church goers. They were just having a great time but Madison had to come and butt in on them, telling her to stay away from Nick because he is someone who can easily be swayed. Salazar doesn’t trust anyone with good reason, and he follows a kid to hear who he is talking to, when he finds the kid talking to his ‘mom’ who is behind a locked gate. We see that this compound is keeping all their loved ones after they turned because they think they can be saved sometime down the line. It explains why Luis didn’t want to be shot in the head, he felt that he could be brought back.

Alicia tells Madison about what happened outside the church, with Chris having a chance and choosing to not do anything. Madison goes and talks to Travis about it who doesn’t believe it and they get into an argument over it. Travis sleeps that night with Chris in the room, with Alicia and Madison in another room. For some reason after Travis falls asleep, Chris gets up to talk to Alicia,, goes to Alicia and Madison’s room. He creeps in like the wacko serial killer he looks to be, and hovers over Madison after finding a knife on the night stand.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Strand is in the room with Abigail, he is there as Abigail takes his final breaths. Strand looks over at the poison and decides not to kill himself after all. He instead puts a pillow over Abigail’s head and shoots him in the head.

This gun shot woke up Madison and Alicia as they see Chris being a creeper in the room. Alicia yells at him to leave as he tries to say he wasn’t up to anything.

I wonder how much longer this group will be able to stay now that Strand has shot Abigail in the head and not kept him like the other deaths in the compound.