Hello, and welcome back to Let’s catch up with The Good Doctor because Sterling has been slacking. Don’t worry- 2019 will have us back on schedule, and I do apologize for the delays. Life got in the way. Let’s go ahead and dive right into this episode!

gd 2.9.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

The episode shows Dr. Glassman having issues with his Yoyo. Shaun approaches Aaron, demanding his driver’s license, and Dr. Blaize agrees. Aaron refuses and even threatens to notify the DMV. Clearly, a rift is forming. Later, Shaun sits with Glassman, asking how he feels about losing his driver’s license. Shaun listens to Aaron’s story about his first car, how it was his first chance of independence, and that freedom was taken from him by Shaun. He casually mentions he understands Shaun wouldn’t understand, in which he rushes off without another word. Turns out he is trying to get his driver’s license with Lea as his teacher. Shaun is decent but notices a person riding his ass, and all the noises cause him to panic. Lea decides to try again, bringing up relating driving to medical terminology. He tries to drive again, but then a child runs out in front of him, causing him to lose his cool again. She talks him down, explaining yes, he hit a trash can, but he avoided a child and another car. Shaun ends up offering to drive Glassman to his next appointment in Lea’s car. Glassman actually thanks him, though as they take off it is not

gd 2.9.1

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

George is wheeled in, a patient with a potential stroke. Melendez, Morgan, and Claire are taking care of him. It is because of the anti-androgen he is taking, though the reason is unclear. Claire thinks he might be transitioning. He explains he has problems with his sex drive, and the pills control it. Morgan explains the pills will kill him. He ends up signing himself out. Claire is worried because the pills he is taking, Lupron, is very strong for a mild case, unless they are deviant urges. He returns with lacerations to his scrotum. He explains he had urged but never acted on them. He is close to his sister, but she has children. He decided to try and castrate himself. Morgan is all for removing the organs, Claire thinks counseling. Melendez has to decide, with Andrews breathing down his neck. He decides to set up referrals and patch him up. Morgan is very blase about the situation, even as George asks if she likes men, she responds to adult men. He explains he can’t stop the thoughts, even hates them. He is scared of what he can do. I think Morgan is realizing he is a patient. George is refusing treatment, rather let the wounds become infected. As the patient suffers, Morgan and Claire agree they hate how the situation is being handled. Claire asks if she can sign off on documents, claiming the tests were damaged beyond repair, but Melendez refuses, not allowing his students to falsify medical notes.

gd 2.9.4

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

After a long time, George passes out, in which case Claire and Morgan can step in and remove the testes. As they prep for surgery, he starts to crash and shows signs of septic. I am sure I have talked about septic before, but to me, it is the most fascinating things about our own body. When a foreign illness, be it bacteria, or virus, or even an object, becomes too strong, your body starts shutting down. The problem is it is hard to re-start organs ones final protocol starts. It’s not a reboot or a sleeping phase, your body is literally starting from the outer parts and shutting them down to keep blood flow circulating to the needed organs. It is very deadly.  As they bring him back, Melendez points out his body cannot lose any more testosterone, he will just crash again. Both Morgan and Claire look upset, but they understand. During a check-up, they notice George is gone, and when they go and look for him, he steps in front of a bus. Neither wanted it to end this way, but Morgan, in a very dark part of her heart, isn’t upset, stating the world might be a bit better than it was a few hours ago.

gd 2.9.3

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Park and Shaun have a young man named Billy, who came in with a deflated lung. He has an injured eye and needs surgery, but also a small dent in his head. Park mentions repairing that as well. Shaun is against it because it is not medically necessary. Park is confused about the lack of empathy Shaun is showing. He ends up talking to everyone at lunch about the need for empathy because he cannot put himself in his patient’s place. He wonders if he might not be a GOOD DOCTOR (love when the title of a show is incorporated). Claire explains we all have strengths and weaknesses. Billy has a crappy father and lost his younger brother, a lot like Shaun. Before Park can point that out, if he knows, Shaun notices a tear in the diaphragm, and he needs emergency surgery. Andrews hovers during the surgery, Lim whispering to Shaun to see if he is up there. It came out that Billy’s dent was caused because his father had a bat in his hand and attacked his some with it. Park approaches Lim during surgery, mentioning cosmetic surgeries are approved in juvie all the time. Lim counters, asking if he feels guilty for all the kids he sent to jail as a cop and might be clouding his judgment. Shaun mentions they can add a breast implant into the dent to create a smooth surface. Suddenly, the patient begins to flat-line. Luckily, they caught it in time, and Billy wakes up to a semi-normal face. Billy is thankful, but Shaun explains it was a mistake. Park talks with Shaun about how he came up with the breast implant idea and mentions Shaun was worried about Billy, empathized with him. Shaun is still concerned about having almost killed a patient, but Park says he saved his life.

Aoki points out Andrews has 2 days to decide the new chief of surgery. Park is setting up a betting ring. Lim and Melendez end up talking about Andrews stalking them. Lim wants to tell him to back off, Melendez rather not. Later, using the wording Lim gave him, Melendez asks Andrews to leave, so he can privately talk with Claire and Morgan. It works and shows Melendez has a nice backbone. Of course, Lim hears about it and confronts him. In Andrews’ office, he runs through the list, comparing all the doctors to himself. Aoki makes a great argument- No one will ever be as good as you think you were. Finally, he makes his announcement- He will retain the title himself while acting as President. Both Melendez and Lim end up at a bar, to talk about things the whole situation. They both agree they need to stand together. Honestly, I think a co-op of them both being Chief of Surgery would have been best… but that is why I love this show- It threw me a curve ball I did not expect. That’s all for now. Until next time, stay shiny!