Episode 2 brought us some interesting story lines and many questions as the city slowly progresses into chaos.
Crashing off a binge looks like a great time. Obviously not at all, don’t do drugs. Let’s move on.

should tell your loved ones in a situation like this what you know
instead of keeping them in the dark to rush towards any fresh dead they

The barbershop family, what is really going on in
their? The mom looks shell shocked, they insist that everyone stays in
the front room, that they will be safer in the front room. What are they
hiding? Do they have a loved one sick or dead in the back room? Watch
out for this next episode I can’t pinpoint it but something is brewing.

is the best character on the show. He is the only one who has a brain
to him, has a real sense of what is going on and the direction things
are going. I just don’t understand why he wants to go it alone, I hope
he merges to join the main cast full time because he could grow into a
great asset. Someone who has watched a horror movie or played a zombie
video game and it shows how ahead of the group he is mentally.

of, if not the biggest story line this episode was a throw away 2
second scene if you weren’t paying attention. In the first quarter of
the episode you see an airplane flying above. If you weren’t reading
last week you might not have paid much attention to it, however it is a
nice tie-in with the upcoming webisode special that will introduce a new
character for season 2. I wonder if we will see this airplane every
episode in season 1.

We all have to wait an extra week for the
next episode of the Walking Dead as they are taking a week off for the
long weekend, if I don’t see you at Wizard World this weekend in San
Jose I’ll see you next week!