The latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead gives us a better look at John Dorie’s history. He had himself a very nice setup, he had a secluded cabin on the river, he built himself a trench from the water to his cabin. When a walker washes up he throws a plank over the trench and can easily kill the walker. I’m unsure what he does with the walkers after he kills them though, he has himself set up with water, electricity, and food. He tends to his errands while saying random words to himself, we see he is playing scrabble against himself and I realize he is trying to come up with words with the letters he has in front of him. He ends his nights by watching some movies. In the middle of the night he hears another body wash up and he goes to take care of it. He quickly realizes it is a human and not a walker. She is injured, he helps her and brings her inside. She has a pretty severe side cut, he tends to her and gets her a place to sleep.

In the morning when he goes back inside after doing some morning work he sees the house ransacked. The stranger is trying to find some keys to the vehicle. John tells her to look on top of the visor, she takes the keys and tries to leave, but the battery in the vehicle is dead. He tells her he was meaning to get to that, but if she leaves he can at least let her rest up and get some supplies, if nothing else she should have the wound changed. Knowing she can’t drive off she comes inside. She tries to stitch herself up but can’t reach so she asks him to do it, he is reluctant but she tells him she can’t and how to do it. Later he makes her some fish soup. He says she looks like a Laura and wants to know if that is an OK name to call her in the mean time. She tells him she will be moving on soon, but wanted to know how John guessed she was a nurse before. He told her that people aren’t normally willing to stick themselves with needles.

John’s going to take a trip to the store for some more supplies, Laura says she needs some new dressings for her wound and insists on going as well. So they take off in a boat up stream, Laura asks John what he used to do before. He told her he was a police officer, she wanted to know where his guns were. John got very defensive asking what guns? Laura said that she just figured that all cops had guns, even though she saw he was cleaning some the night before. John says that guns create more problems than they solve and he enjoyed being a cop at one time.

They come along an overpass in the stream, their is a vehicle in the water and John asks if that is how she got in the water. She says she is a better driver then that, their is a walker inside making noise. A walker on the overpass hears the ruckus and falls through a hole in the fence into the water. They realize that is the cause of the walkers showing up at his property and they need to do something about it. John gently moves the walker past them in the walker as they carry on. The two arrive at the store, both are gathering different supplies. Laura is putting some assorted items by the bandages, John asks if she is re-organizing the store and she said that people always need dressings and sometimes in a hurry you don’t have time to think creatively. John is looking over the movies, she asks if he likes movies. He says yes, he watched them all in alphabetical order at first and he always goes back to his favorites. He signs the clipboard with the movie and his name, she says your name is John Dorie? He says like the fish but ie instead of y. She says your name is Dorie and you like to fish? She laughs and says OK. As they leave John looks up above the gas pumps and says they will need a ladder. They took the metal roof to use to fix the fence on the overpass.

That night John’s watching a movie and it’s a little loud, it wakes Laura up. He apologizes and says he will turn it down, she says she just wanted some water and comes to sit down. He offers some popcorn but she declines, he says he sometimes mixes items to make some sort of brittle, she is interested so he makes some food. He ends up falling asleep, he wakes up and she looks at him and says, “I lost my child.” She gets up and goes to bed….Poor Laura obviously, but also poor John how are you supposed to deal with that when you just wake up?


John and Laura look like one happy couple here to me. Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

The next morning Laura asks John to teach her how to fish, she says she wants to learn as it’s a resource. He says he will go get her some gear, she takes to it pretty well, and ends up liking how the fresh fish dish tastes. During dinner she says this is great, it will help her out there. John is all, great, as he obviously doesn’t want her to leave.

Some walkers are still making it through the fence, so Laura suggests they put a vehicle up against the fence to hold it in place. The two go to the overpass and are backing up a jeep against the fence, it has a plastic as the window, and a walker with a machete in it’s chest. Laura tells John to shoot the walker, but John refuses, the machete is easily able to pierce the plastic window and gets closer and closer to John. Laura freaks out telling John to shoot it who still refuses, he finally is able to stab it a crazy amount of times in the head to kill it. Laura is upset he didn’t just use the gun and kill it easily.

That night an absurd amount of walkers must have built up and crashed through the fence as the property is over run by a large amount of walkers. The walkers approach and fall into the trench, John stupidly decides to jump into the trench to go hand to hand with the walkers. Laura tries to kill walkers with a shovel. The walkers are piling up and making a walker bridge over the trench. Laura is knocked back by a group of walkers into the trench and in a bad way. John has no choice but to get his guns and go headshot quick draw crazy on them, he had to wait and take aim on the last one to not shoot Laura. He even did the gunslinger twirl thing as he holstered the gun. I think this is the first time in the entire universe that someone got nothing but headshots with their guns.

After all the walkers are dead they are sitting on the porch, she tells him that he is a hero even if he doesn’t think so. She is lucky she washed up at his property. He cleans up his guns and offers one to Laura who says she can’t take that. John says she has to take one, she will need it if she goes out there and he needs her to take one. Inside she goes to sit by him and he is upset and says he is going to sit on the porch and won’t look at her. She wants to know why, he tells her to leave it be, she goes to get closer and he tries to stop her. He tells her that he loves her, and he didn’t want her to know that. She wanted to know why, and he says because she was going to leave and he doesn’t want her to leave. If she wants to be alone he will leave, he needs her to live otherwise this world is a lie. She loves hearing this and kisses him, we presume they did some boom boom that night. In the morning John’s fish alarm wakes him up, to an empty bed, he looks around and finds a note in scrabble to him.

Back to the present Morgan says, “she left you?” John wondered if he waited to say something if it would have been different. Morgan says no, waiting makes you lose people. They said they are both here, and both alive, and shouldn’t waste anymore time as they pack up their gear and start walking back towards the others.