Finale Recap

The story begins with an older Evie being interviewed by a writer. He wishes to write about Stan and his battle against 172 witches unleashed upon Willard’s Mill, New Hampshire. She goes onto say that Stan was a good man, a bit odd, but a good man indeed. Towards the end, he changed, into something different.

Back in the present time, Horess is in the dark cemetery. He rises Constable Eccles from the dead. The fear in Eccles eyes is undeniable as he begs Horess to let him in. Horess summons a fiery blaze that brings Eccles down, burning him to a crisp. As Eccles burns, it’s revealed that Horess is actually Stan. The next morning, Kevin and Evie are down at the cemetery. Hundreds of graves have been dug up, and Evie spotsEccle’s burnt body. She’s excited that the horror is over and races to Stan’s house.

When Evie arrives, she tells Stan the exciting news however, he appears somber. Puzzled by his response, Evie mentions that he should be more excited about the ending of the curse. She’s seen him more excited about women’s golf.  With no excitement emanating from Stan, Evie leaves feeling defeated. After she exits, Stan tells Horess he won’t do it.

Source: Screenshot IFC’s Stan Against Evil Episode: Evie Against Stan

The scene switches over to Evie strolling around town without a care in the world. She waves to everyone, gets a congratulatory letter from the postman, and is just plain happy. Until, Stan creeps up on her and begins acting weird. He explains to her that he doesn’t know why he was following her and Evie walks him home. After she leaves, Horessappears and tells Stan that his will is weakening and he will kill Evie soon.Stan tries to bargain with Horess however, Evie is the prize he desires. Stansits down to enjoy a beer and women’s golf, but his beer turns to tar, making the day even worse. Cutting to Evie as she fills her car up with gas, Horessjumps out behind her! After the initial scare, she sees handprints left on her windshield.

Gerard Duquette and Stan meet in the cemetery where Stan explains that he was tricked. He never would have agreed to kill Evie. Duquette explains that hell is for the alone and unconnected. Stanneeds to let go of his love and happiness. He must destroy his connections.Duquette leaves and once again, Stan digs up Claire’s grave. This time, he steals her wedding ring as Denise and Kevin walk up. Stan tells Kevin that he is his best friend and must watch of for Denise. He returns home and digs out a gun when Evie calls, saying he must get to her house at once.

As Stan enters Evie’s house, she pulls a gun on him and handcuffs him to the fireplace. She found his fingerprints on her car and needs answers. Stan explains what he has done and that there’s no use fighting it. Horess appears and tries to end it all, but Stan stops him and escapes Evie’s house. Upon returning home, he melts his and Claire’s wedding rings into a bullet and calls Evie, telling her to meet at the cemetery. Stan explains to Evie that he can no longer fight Horess and she must shoot him. He won’t leave her alone, but she must shoot him. Suddenly, Stan turns into Horess and Evie shoots him. This explodes Horess leaving a seemingly dead Stan atop Claire’s grave.

Source: Screenshot IFC’s Stan Against Evil Episode: Evie Against Stan

Back to the future, the writer appears stunned. Asking Evie if that’s how the story ends. She laughs at the poor man and explains, that this was only the beginning.

My Final Thoughts

Well, this final episode left me with a few thoughts, the first one being, WHAT A CLIFFHANGER! Is Stan Dead?Will Evie and Denise battle evil? Is there any evil left in the world? I get that burning Eccles was supposed to lift the curse, but did it work?  This will destroy me until next November, I’m really hoping there’s a way Stan will be alive or brought back from the dead. It’s not like he was able to rid the love and happiness from his soul. Evie loves him and shot him with a bullet created by the love of Stan and Claire. I think this will play a factor in future episodes!

The other question is, how does Kevin know UFOs only land if your nude? I’m a child of the nineties, my parents loved aliens, and this has never come up.  Has anyone ever heard this? I mean please tell me if I’m wrong, but I can’t see why clothing would be an issue.  Also, will Kevin put the mini golf course in the cemetery? I know he wants to get out of the grave digging game, but a mini golf course could be a fun way to end his career there.

Finally, Bored Female Sheriff,was the best magazine I saw all season long. As you already know, I love these little details. All that’s left is to hear from you! What do you think will happen next season? Do you even think there will be a next season? Is this the last we see of Gerard Duquette? I for one, can’t wait to find out.