I hope you are ready for more trivia because I brought you more. If you missed my trivia article on Grimm, you can find it here. This time it is on Merry Gentry. I love her. Aside from the assassination attempts, I would love to be and look like her. I would love to get hot and heavy with her men too. I could pass on her aunt and cousin too.

For those who don’t know her, She is Princess Meredith NicEssus, the first American-born Fairy princess. She is part of the Unseelie Sidhe, where all are welcome. In hiding, she is known as Merry Gentry and works for a detective agency in LA. She is written by Laurell K. Hamilton, the same person who writes the Anita Blake series. Like Anita, Merry has a harem of men, and the books are pretty spicy. Just so you know, if you haven’t read or aren’t through the series, there is a spoiler alert in effect. So, do you know Merry? Let’s get into it and see.

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1 What court is Merry a part of?

2 Who are Merry’s parents?

3 What makes up Merry’s genetics?

4 What titles has Merry held?

5 Who are Merry’s lovers? And whose babies does she get pregnant with?

6 Who was Doyle loyal to before he was with Merry?

7 What is Doyle’s makeup?

8 What are Frost’s origins?

9 What gift did Danu give Nicca through Merry?

10 Who are Snick and Snack?

11 Who tried to force himself on Merry?

12 Who was Merry’s first love?

13 Who was Merry engaged to?

14 What law did Cel break that could have gotten both Sidhe courts banished from America?

15 What are the Seelie and Unseelie Courts?

16 What other Courts are within the Unseelie Court?

17 What other Courts are in the Seelie Court?

18 Who is the sidhe?

19 How many children do Merry and her husbands have?

20 What are the children’s names?

Okie dokie, now that you have the questions and your answers, it’s time to see how you did.

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1 Merry is a part of her father’s court, the Unseelie. She is also of the Seelie court because of her mother but claims the Unseelie.

2 Her mother is Princess Besaba from the Seelie Court and Prince Essus of the Unseelie Court.

3 Merry is ½ Unseelie Sidhe, ¼ Seelie Sidhe, 1/8 brownie, and 1/8 human. Of all that makes up her genetics, she is looked down the most for is her human heritage.

4 Danu definitely blesses Merry. She held Merry NicEssus, which means the daughter of Essus.

Besaba hated the Unseelie Court and wanted to return to her Seelie Court but had to stay because she got pregnant with their daughter, Merry is known as Basaba’s Bane.

Merry was also known as Child of Peace because she tied the two courts together.

Princess of Flesh because it was the first manifested hand of power, the hand of flesh.

Princess of Blood because of her second hand of power, the hand of blood. Not all Sidhe get a second hand.

Princess of Flesh and Blood is a blending of the previous too, and one that I am sure you saw coming.

Queen of the Sluagh, she gained when she got pregnant with King Sholto’s baby.

Queen of the Unseelie Court, a crown she was given by Andias and Danu that she refused.

5 Abeloec, Holly, Barinthis, Rhys, Galen, Briac, Maeve Reed, Ivi, Adair, Ash, Kitto, Nicca, Doyle, Royal, Roane, Sage, Frost, Griffin, and Sholto. When She got pregnant, it was with Doyle, Frost, Galen, Rhys, Sholto, Mistral, Royal, and Kitto. They all became Merry’s husbands and, therefore, kings, though only Sholto and Merry can claim crowns to the Sluagh.

6 He was Queen Andias’s captain for her Ravens. He has been her lover, assassin, and protector, not that she needs him to protect her.

7 He is a Sidhe, hell-hound, and phouka.

8 Frost started as a hoarfrost who became Jack Frost because he fell in love. Eventually, he became big and strong and joined the Unseelie Court. He then became one of the Queen’s Ravens.

9 The wings on his back become real wings when he wants them, and they return to being tattoos when he is done with them. Also, through Merry, the happily-ever-after ring matched Nicca with his perfect match, Biddy.

10 Snick and Snack are twin black daggers that Doyle wields. Snick and Snack are not their true names, but those names have been lost. They hit the desired target when thrown.

11 King Taranis, king of the Seelie Court, and her grand-uncle. He tried to spell her to love him and tried to force his body on her. To get him to get off her and stop, she used the hand of flesh.

12 The green Galen, who is Sidhe and pixie, was her first love. He is a Queen’s Raven but is a political dud. He doesn’t have a head for it or the games, and because of this, Essus sets Merry up with someone else.

13 Griffin. Merry called off the engagement to Griffin when she found out he was cheating. The only reason he agreed to the engagement to Merry was to get the sex ban for himself lifted. He didn’t want to be engaged to her, but since he was/is a Queen’s Raven, he wasn’t allowed to have sex with anyone but the queen until he was engaged.

14 Cel set himself to be worshipped as a god. As punishment, he was chained to a wall in the dungeon with the most powerful aphrodisiac the Sidhe has rubbed all over his body without release for six months. He didn’t serve the entire punishment because Galen accidentally let him out with wild magick.

15 The Seelie Court is also called The Glittering Throng and is the court of light and beauty. It is said to be more lies than truth, such as mimicking human behavior. With a king of light and illusions, would you expect any less? The Unseelie Court is the Court of Darkness, and the Seelie Court, as well as us humans, look down on them. They take in any fey, even ones that are unwanted or banished from the Seelie Court. Andias, Queen of Air and Darkness, rules with a sadistic iron fist.

16 There is the Slaugh, which Sholto is the king of, with Merry as his Queen. The Demi-fey Court and Niceven is the queen, and the Goblin Court with Kurag as the king.

17 The Seelie Court only has the Demi-fay Court. The Deki-fey Court from the Unseelie is different than this court. The Seelie Demi-fey Court has no queen, just an unnamed duchess.

18 The children of the goddess Danu are the self-proclaimed rulers of the fey. They have tri-colored eyes, or triple irises if you will. Their skin is luminous, sometimes glowing like Merry during sex. The Unseelie sidhe tend to have hair that only a very good hair salon can mimic, and even then, it isn’t quite the same as Merry’s ruby red hair or other fey. The Seelie Court tends to have hair closer to human coloring. They were gods and goddesses in their own right but had to give up power over the millennia. Sidhe has the most powerful magick of the fey.

19 Merry had triplets, so three.

20 Gwenwyfar Joy Tempest Garland fathered by Rhys, Galen, and Mistral.

Alastair Essus Dolson Winter was fathered by Frost and Doyle.

Tegan Bryluen Mary Katherine fathered by Sholto, Royal, and Kitto

How did you do? I had a lot of fun with this one. I love Merry. This article has inspired me to reread the series. It is short, well, shorter than the Anita Blake series or the Shadow City series I am reading on KU. Is there anyone or fandom you would like to see me do trivia on? Let me know in the comments below. Let me know how many you got right too. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!