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Felicity stands by her recent decisions regarding her family; Diggle and Lyla continue to look into the Dante painting that Curtis found. –  Arrow/The CW

The episode opens with a woman we’ve never seen before doing some very Oliver-esque workouts. She wants the news of Oliver’s release on television and then proceeds to dress up in a Green Arrow suit. She is clearly the new Green Arrow.

Life on the outside seems to be difficult for Oliver. For starters he shaved the majority of his beard—its normal size now, kinda lame. I better shave my beard down now. Besides the beard he is very apprehensive of going out in public especially to an event celebrating his release. None of the stops Ollie and Felicity getting down—it is their anniversary.

In the future, Dinah, William and Zoey are in an under ground looking fight club looking for “Blackstar.” And guess who she is? She is a blonde woman currently beating the snot out of some giant dude in the ring.
Meanwhile in the present, Rene and Wild Dog are enjoy Oliver’s welcome home party. I wish I could say the same for Oliver but he keeps getting peppered by paparazzi. All of Team Arrow is their catching up including Laurel. The night concludes with a speech from Oliver about his time in prison. The Green Arrow interrupts his speech by killing the lights, one person and firing off some arrows—Oliver shows everyone he still has it by grabbing an arrow out of mid-air.

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Rene isn’t convinced it’s the new Green Arrow but everyone else is. The mayor makes announcement on the news further supporting the anti vigilante act. Oliver ask Dinah to bring him in as a consultant to bring who ever the archer may be to justice. Rene wants in as he is adamant the archer from tonight is not the new Green Arrow.

The next day Oliver, Rene and Dinah are getting down to business. Looking at the security footage reveals the archers intended target which makes no sense because it was some guy who has been working to help the Glades. Since Rene is super adamant the new Green Arrow is not our guy Oliver wants him to set up a meeting.

At ARGUS, Lyla is back in the office and her and Diggle are taking off the books about that painting from like three episodes. The terrorists are using the painting and the name Dante to communicate. They have ties to the Longbow Hunters through that codename.

Elsewhere the meeting with the New Green Arrow doesn’t go as well as planned. Once the Arrow sees Dinah and Oliver she/he dips out. Oliver gives chase but the New Arrow is a ghost like Swayze. On the bright side the new Green Arrow is not the murdering archer from last night because while Oliver was chasing them, the guy from the other day was murdered. Back at SCPD the mayor isn’t too happy that Dinah and is working with Oliver and Rene to clear the new Green Arrow—she is very anti-vigilante.

Back to the future, William and friends get to know Blackstar. She and Felicity had previously worked together. Blackstar is a broker—she finds things for people. Felicity was looking for an electrical firing circuit and couple transmitters—bomb building materials. She leaves with the advice that asking about Felicity will not end well.

Oliver has a lead to this archer. The people he has been killing are all connected to a college secret society and likely Ollie had just ran in with an old friend, Max. Ollie meets Max at his new club to get some answers—Max isn’t super helpful just mentions that rumors have said those guys may have run ins with the triads. Oliver believes Max is hiding something and Felicity was about to help him figure out what when the archer who is definitely not the new Green Arrow breaks in and tries to kill them. Oliver fights with him while Felicity rummages for her gun. She eventually finds it and shoots him much to Oliver’s dismay. He isn’t dead but Ollie is 100% shocked.

Back at SCPD, Oliver is taking the blame for the shooting which is fine it was self defense and all. Oliver is still confused about why she has a gun. They get into a tiny argument. She is still salty about him taking the FBI deal and leaving her and William defenseless—she had to protect herself hence the gun. She isn’t the same Felicity.

Back to the future part 2, William is ready to throw the towel in. Dinah talks him into staying by explaining to him about the “Mark of Four,” something Oliver came up with for the team. Roy show that symbol on the bow and that’s why he teamed up with William in the first place. Dinah sees a lot of Oliver in William. He starts to channel his inner Oliver and decides that Blackstar isn’t telling them every thing—probably true.

Dinah and Dog are having some dinner—sick alliteration Will—I know thanks bro. Anyways, Ollie interrupts look for some info on the guy. The archer is the Mirror—an assassin who copies other peoples MOs doing hits. Its obvious Max is behind this considering as soon as Oliver started asking questions this guy came after him. It’s time to suit up—the town needs to believe in heroes again.

The bunker has seen better, much better days but it’s still there. Dig brings Ollie his suit back since the FBI still has his. They have a quick talk about William and the town and then its go time. It is interesting to note that when suiting up Oliver ditched the mask.

Ollie does, excuse me the Green Arrow does some zip lining and infiltrates Max Fullers club. He shoots out some lights—classic move. Then punches some guys—adds in a few kicks for finesse. Then a behind the back shot because he is the freaking Green Arrow. In the middle of the club completely hoodless Oliver confronts Max. He takes a hostage, somebody shoots the gun out of Max’s hand with an arrow—not Oliver. Ollie says some hero stuff and then Dinah comes in to arrest him. Classic Green Arrow mess around.

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Oliver and Dinah take Fuller in together. The mayor is there waiting for them—she wants Oliver under arrest as well. Too bad Oliver now works for the SCPD. She walks out angry promising them it isn’t over.

Lyla and Dig have a secret meeting with Diaz in prison, but why? Oh damn, they want his help.

Back to the future part 3, the Scooby gang is looking for clues in Blackstars apartment—she has the same bomb schematics Felicity had—it looks like she is still planning to make that bomb without Felicity—maybe Felicity got cold feet. Next up they need to find Wild Dog.

Winding down in their apartment, Felicity comes clean about almost killing Diaz. Of course Oliver blames himself. Sounds like they might be taking a break or something, I dunno I’m bad with relationships.

The episode closes with the new Green Arrow talking to her dad’s grave, Robert Queen.

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And one last thing—they played a little Elseworlds post credit scene. Next week is the big crossover!