Francis’ “Death”, Delphine’s Return, and Narcisse and Catherine’s Are Up To Their Old Tricks Again

Source: CW // Reign

First off let me address the elephant in the room, FRANCIS WILL DIE IN THJIS EPISODE! But wait, you have seen the promo pics of episode 305 “In A Clearing”, haven’t you? So you obviously know that there is more to the story.  Please stay and I will tell you more…..

The episode opens as Mary receives a letter from her mother, it seems that Scottish troops are starving and France needs to help (because the Scottish-French alliance has to be good for something other than producing heirs).  Francis, as healthy as ever it seems, sends two war ships to help, only to have them be sunk by Elizabeth.  In order to help her people, Mary uses Nicholas, and his spies to her advantage.  She lets him steal her cypher, only for him to interpret a phony letter.  Good job Mary.

Back in England, Don Carlos has come to sweep Elizabeth off her feet, and hopefully become the next King of England.  Elizabeth seems charmed, but Robert Dudley sure isn’t.  He reminds the Queen how much they love each other, and she reminds him but that not only is he married, but his wife, Amy, is not only sabotaging their relationship, but her reign as Queen. Dudley refuses to give up on them and informs Amy that she is leaving Court as soon as possible.  Elizabeth meets with Don Carlos to discuss the possibility of marriage, only to hear that Amy has spread a rumor that Elizabeth is a man.  After being humiliated by Don Carlos, who asks for her to show him her “womanhood”, Elizabeth refuses to marry anyone ever.  Long live the Virgin Queen!

Since Catherine is out of the dungeons, and Narcisse is now married, it’s time for the power struggle (and flirting) to start up again.  As Catherine is looking (bribing) for votes from the privy council (as going so low as to pimp out Claude to one of the nobleman’s sons), Narcisse is trying to gain a seat in the council so he can vote against Catherine to become Regent.  If his new stepson, John, can get enough land, Narcisse can get a seat (since John is only a baby) and he will be able to protect his new family from Catherine, or so that’s what he tells Lola.  Catherine, who has found out that Narcisse was the one that put the rat in Lola’s bath, has a different plan.  I guess Narcisse has to play good, or is the other way around.  Game On!

Francis is giving Charles the “How To Be A King, For Dummies” lessons.  Lesson #1: Fake It To Make It!  Which Charles will learn soon because Francis falls off his horse soon after.  As Mary and Francis spends his last moments together, Charles, knowing of Delphine’s powers, follows Bash (who is rescuing Delphine from crazy Catholic nuns) and orders Delphine to save his brother.  Moments after Francis dies, Delphine heals him and dies (or maybe not……).  Back in Scotland Marie De Guise is writing a letter to Mary when she suddenly dies.  Is Francis life worth one life or two? Hmmmmm….

I am not a fan of Francis by any stretch, but I have loved the Frary moments this season.  After seeing the preview for the next episode, I can see that they are cuter then ever.  However, I also know that Reign always has some surprises up their sleeves.  Until next time lovelies….