Source: ABC

With only 11 episodes remaining in the series, Scandal is heading for an explosive return tonight Thursday, January 18th. I mean that explosion part literally by the way as the only details that have been revealed about the upcoming episode have been through two promo tweets, one of which ends with a car exploding.

Where we last left off, Olivia was continuing to get in over her head with being Command, finding new troubles when she learned that Quinn knew about Olivia’s hand in assassinating Rashad, the President of Bashran. Quinn subsequently goes missing on her wedding day, worrying Olivia even more as she now believes Quinn is planning on revealing the secret to the world, but instead we learn that Quinn is in the care of Olivia’s father Rowan. After plans of using Quinn’s capture against Olivia go south, Rowan decides to head to where she is being kept and fire two shots, presumably killing Quinn.

I doubt that’s actually the case because while Scandal loves itself some shocking deaths, I just don’t see Quinn being added to the list, especially while being pregnant. I could very well be wrong though and I’m hoping the answer will be revealed in the return episode, mostly because it’s titled “Robin”, which is Charlie’s nickname for Quinn. Check out the two promos I mentioned previously below and be sure to return each week for reviews of these final 11 episodes.