Hello, and welcome back to The Resident. Just catching up on the old episodes for the new year.

r 2.7.1

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The episode starts with Nic and Mina talking about a small gathering of nurses. Jess is supposed to be in Savannah- Quickly turns out she is now. Instead, she and her male friend? Boyfriend? No idea, named John is doing a trial drug. Ah, turns out John and Jess met in Rehab. Either way, he has a bad reaction to the trial drug, and is rushed to the ER. John has a wife and kid, and wanted to do the trial to send money home after being in rehab. The doctor in charge of the trial swears it is an infection from the hospital, and the reactions are normal. As John gets worse, and Jess begins to get sick, Conrad calls in Bell, who actually sides with Nic and Conrad for once. Kinda scary. Turns out Jess had done the trial to get a down payment on her own place. There are two possibilities for what is going on with the patients- Septic shock or systemic inflammatory response from a cytokine storm. Neither one can be tested quickly, and the treatment will rapidly increase the issue if it is the other disease. They decide to do the steroids, though Jess starts to get worse. Still, medication takes time to treat. Luckily, it looks like she is stabilizing, giving them more time. John, on the other hand, begins to crash, and passes away. Jess takes his passing hard. Luckily, Dr. Bell put on his big pants and broke the news to John’s family. Yes, trials are important, but looking into the trials are also important.

r 2.7.3

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Devon and his fiance are talking, and she brings up the fact she was offered a job in San Francisco. Remember- Chastain is technically set in Atlanta, Georgia, so that is a bit of a commute. She mentions couples have long distance relationships sometimes… Devon brings up the wedding in 2 weeks, and she says lets talk about it more later, she is running late and Devon has a bachelor party weekend with the boys. I am worried they are trying to write her out of the story- I like Priya and hope she sticks around and Devon doesn’t cheat on her if she moves. Especially with Julian around. Gah… I hate how Julian is engaged and talking with Devon about the app, makes him feel more appreciated, since earlier, Priya left her watch on the counter. She even volunteers to test out the watch herself. They even have witty banner. Later in the episode, as she is in the room during a surgery to a person’s hip, Julian becomes ill, and Devon gets an alert as her vitals change. AND THEY KISS. I mean, it was one smooch, and then awkward staring. Both agree it never happened, but that means they will kiss again in 3 episodes. I write these per episode, so no idea for sure, but my guess. The episode ends as they practice the wedding dance with everyone at the bachelor party. Then they slow dance. You can see the unease in Devon’s face. Everyone who watches them are uneasy as well.

r 2.7.2

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Mina has a patient who AJ knows- Ernie LeVasseur, owner of the best Jumbo and Shrimp restaurant in Georgia. It turns out he has been blind for 6 months, and losing his hearing. No one is sure, and you can tell it is wearing on his wife, Janine. While privately discussing what may be wrong with him, Conrad mentions he thinks he is being poisoned. While discussing his medical history, his wife mentioned a hip replacement. They run a test, while AJ tries to replace Mina, using Ping Pong and Operation the board games as test subjects. The test comes back with a cobalt level 200 times more than normal, meaning something is poisoning him. Julian is in the room as they realize it was the hip re-placement, metal on metal, that was deteriorating. By treating the poisoning and replacing the replacement, he should be on his way to recovering. He is very weak, and the surgery could kill him. She signs the consent forms only if AJ is in the room, in case he needs help. Voss and AJ, paired up again… He sits back, and as it turns out the deterioration is worse than they expected. Voss accidentally cuts the artery, and tells AJ to scrub in, not believing Mina is capable of this. AJ says no, she got this. She owns it, like a boss, and Ernie lives to BBQ again. I do love her reaction to the physical contact from AJ and then Janine. Mina has always been her own character. She even makes AJ tell her she is irreplaceable, and call her his partner. I hope they get together.

At the end of the episode, Dr. Voss and Dr. Bell go out for drinks, Dr. Bell missing the OR. She tells him go buy something, then lists a few, even mentioning a prostitute. I then remembered he does have a charge on him that he never submitted to the Medical Board and feel like this is a very well done foreshadowing. He even looks startled at the mention. But, that’s all for now. We will see what happens next week… well, next episode review. I wonder where Marshall was in this episode. Until next time, Stay Shiny!