Hello, and welcome back to The Good Doctor! Gonna catch up with this season before it returns, and during the new year, we WELL return to weekly updating! I am sorry, but I am excited for 2019! Let’s dive into this episode for now!

gd 2.7.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Lea and Shaun are looking at puppies. I have always had a dog in my life, but never anything smaller than 50 pounds. Shaun is reluctant… oh.. they got a goldfish. It seems like Lea’s first pet. Traditional, I like it. Though when Lea is talking to the fish, he refers to Shaun as Daddy. I am sure it will go well. Lea calls Shaun at work and asks him to pick up a little castle for Hubert. By the time Shaun gets home, Hubert is dead. Lea is clearly upset, but Shaun brings up getting her another pet. She says no, but Shaun reaches out to listen- Something that first drove them apart, asking if she was crying, and sad. She begins talking about Hershey- turns out it was her hometown, and she went back to save the family business with her brother. It didn’t work out, which is why she returned. It looks like Shaun was going in for a hand grab or hug, but instead grabs the fish tank and leaves the apartment without a word. Lea is clearly upset- She opened up to him and Shaun shut down on her. Ahhh during surgery, a nurse comes in, saying his cultures came back positive for Icthyophthirius multifiliis. Both Morgan and Lim pause, wondering if he has to go deal with it. I googled the name- It’s a freshwater disease commonly called Ich. He goes back to the pet store with the paperwork, demanding a replacement, stating “You have no leverage, and no cards to play.” Lea realizes what he did with the fish, and smiles a bit. She never killed Hubert- it was ill when they bought him.

gd 2.7.4

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Claire visits a couple, Kay and Dash. WHY THE HECKLE DID THE INTRO MUSIC CHANGE I AM NOT READY FOR A SAD OVERTURE. Ah, it is Claire’s old roommate. She has had stage 4 ovarian cancer. She has a month at most.  She approaches Melendez with her friend’s scans, not hoping for a miracle but to consider doing a surgery that might cause less pain for her final month. I love how Melendez knows he is in a teaching hospital- I don’t think as a person and a teacher, he has not forgiven Claire but as a Doctor he has. After talking with Kay, he says how himself and Dr. Park will begin prepping for surgery today. Kay is hesitant, wanting Claire to be there, or no surgery at all. Melendez seems to concede. While they are doing the surgery, Park notices the cancer hadn’t spread like they first assumed- the tumor causing the pain was only pushing on the wall. She may be a candidate for treatment to buy her some more time. The surgery is simple- Remove as much of the tumor as they can. It will give her 6 months, but if anything happens, and because her body is so frail, she might not survive the surgery. Claire lays it on deep, telling them to trust Melendez. The husband is hesitant.

gd 2.7.1

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Kay talks to Claire before her scans and asks her to date her husband after she passes. Wow. I mean, like, I myself am married, just under 3 years, but we have been together for 10, and not that on again, off again type thing, we both just agreed to date for 5 years, then see. Morbidly, I have thought about what would happen if I passed, or if he passed. Never thought to play matchmakers. Here’s a secret, don’t tell any of my friends, but I don’t think any of them would be good enough for him. Oh, maybe one. But that is all. Sorry, back to the show- Dr. Park is staring, prompting her to figure out he overheard. Dash seems reluctant but mentions Kay brought up to him as well. While going over her vitals, Kay makes Claire swear one date, not a latte but candles must be involved. One date and she will never mention it again. Seems like the most awkward dinner in history has officially taken place. SHE’S NOT EVEN DEAD YET. They ended up reflecting on the past. And then they brought up Kay again. They do have some unique chemistry. Should have waited until after the funeral to go to dinner. Dash and Kay are clearly in love, holding hands before the surgery. Before the surgery, Kayla and Claire have a heated discussion, Claire calling her a control freak. During the surgery, Claire goes and talks with Dash, see how he is holding up before the OR calls her back in. She is in cardiopulmonary collapse. Claire is panicking but realizes the collapse might be the chemo draining into her thoracic cavity and compressing her heart. She is correct, and Kayla and Claire get a chance to talk after the surgery. Claire twists it so Kayla will talk about how unfair things are, and how she tries to control everything to save others from the pain. But, her friends are here, and willing to help her deal with things… AND THE OVERTURE RETURNS! Melendez and Claire talk afterward, and Claire says she will return to Dr. Lim in the morning. I don’t think it is a punishment anymore, I think Melendez realizes he is fine-tuning her skills. In surgery, he went to tell her what to do but she adjusted before he had a chance to speak, while Dr. Park still needed commands for his adjustment. And, he thinks Dr. Lim is a better surgeon than himself.

gd 2.7.3

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

A worker named Santiago fell down with a staple gun. Never a good start to a story. A nail to the head which is oddly enough superficial, but also entry wounds to his abdomen flank. Fun fact- The lower caliber bullets are the most dangerous in a long-term sense- Higher caliber shoots through you but lower ones often make it into your body and then bounce around. The might not be strong enough to leave but still travel fast enough to damage organs. It’s why in most shows they look for an exit wound first- better understanding of what they are dealing with. Same with nails, though they have a sharp end- much more dangerous. Seems his kidney is ruptured, repairable, but before they remove it, Lim thinks ahead and goes to check the other one. He was born with only one kidney. They find a match in the patient’s brother, Armando, but refuses to donate unless the brother, who owns the business as a partner, will sell. Morgan is a bit perturbed about a brother forcing the other to sell the business for a kidney. Shaun talks with Santiago about difficult fathers before the patient begins itching his arm- never a good thing! The graft is failing. Morgan has an idea- a living donation drive, invite relatives and friends to see if they match. Armando and Shaun are outside, and Armando mentions how they won’t give their lives for a business, and Shaun hits him with “They aren’t giving up their lives for a business, but for your father.” Armando admits on their father’s deathbed, he said he wasn’t proud of Santi for following in his footsteps, he was disappointed he settled. Shaun says he should mention it to Santiago, who when he hears it, even though they were followed by kind words from his brother, think they are lies and he will do anything to get Santi to sell the business. Shaun consoles Armando, telling him a bit about his own history and his brother was the reason he tried his best. He signs the consent forms and donates Santiago his kidney. After the surgery, he swings by, and they kinda make up. The only way brothers can. I’m glad.

Aaron Glassman is in a waiting room of sorts and learns how to yo-yo from another person who is waiting. He can even ‘walk the dog’ now, and shows it off to his oncologist, Dr. Blaize.  He begins radiation, and afterward, notices his wallet was missing. He runs to his doctor, claiming a security issue, when she pulls out the wallet, saying he gave it to her for safekeeping. He claims it slipped his mind, and not to look too much into it… sadly, we all are. YOU JUST HAD BRAIN SURGERY AARON!! I wish we saw more of Glassman, but that’s all we saw, maybe 7 minutes of airtime. I want to see more, but also am scared how he will feel.

That’s all for this week- like I said, hope to catch up this week and have it back to normal next year. Until then, stay shiny!