The episode opens with a you child playing games and playing the piano. Eventually he becomes a young man and writes a computer program that writes a song. At his father’s eventual funeral where Bach is being played Tech boy is born.

Shadow as promised, had a good night sleep and so he got to drive Mr. Wednesday to St. Louis. Money is the most powerful God in America. Mr. Wednesday and Shadow are going to see him. The whole girl scout thing is cute.

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Bilquis has turned to Odin’s side because World killed Zorya. Mr. World is pissed about the death of Argus. Techboy goes to see the young man now older from the beginning of the episode. Techboy want him to give him and Mr. World sight again. Unfortunately the man he is now has forgotten about him as he learns a new program.

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What, pray tell, is the greatest story ever told? Did Mr. Wednesday and Shadow get into see Money? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…