Source: Hasti for TGON

Last weeks episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was probably one of the best we’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot considering it has been a stellar season. It showed us Rebecca’s personality and insecurities in a way we hadn’t openly seen before, and gave us a glimpse into the kind of guys Josh and Greg are, while solidifying that her friendship with Paula is the best thing that could have happened to her.

The episode opens on a “previously on” and the theme song doesn’t play. These two little changes are already indicative of how special this hour of television will be, before it even really starts. Josh sneaks up on Rebecca at the boba stand in his taekwondo outfit (I know outfit is the wrong word, but you know what I’m saying) and mentions that he feels “like buck naked” because he left his phone at home. As Josh leaves, he glances back with the most devilishly handsome grin on his face.

Later, at the office, Rebecca is texting Paula in the middle of mediation, as all the top lawyers do, BUT SHE’S ACTUALLY TEXTED JOSH!!! This is especially bad given that the text was all about how she loves him and moved to California for him…GUY HE CAN’T KNOW THAT! In one of the sweetest moments, Paula shows the text to everyone in the conference room and they all brainstorm a way to get her out of this terrible situation, even getting her a police escort.

Thankfully Rebecca makes it to Josh’s apartment, finds his spare key, deletes the text and even takes a minute to smell one of his shirts. Then she goes to open the door BUT JOSH IS STANDING OUTSIDE THE DOOR! OMG! He wants to know what she’s doing there and she panics, saying there was a break-in at her house and a window was broken. Josh, being a sweet dumb dumb, says he’ll take her home to make sure she feels safe.

Now Rebecca needs Paula to go break her sliding glass door but Paula is trying to reconnect with her husband Scott on the advice of Father Brah. She takes him along and he finds the perfect rock on his way to use Rebecca’s bathroom, they break the door and they’re off. Becks & Josh get to her house and she’s shocked and sort of impressed with herself that her story checks out. Josh continues to be all protective and manly (despite the ice in his wine) and calls the cops. Rebecca panicks because she doesn’t want to get Paula in trouble, she skillfully lawyers and talks the cop out of investigating the situation. BUT THEN WHILE THEY CLEAN UP JOSH FINDS THE ROCK – THE ROCK SCOTT THREW THROUGH THE WINDOW! TURNS OUT IT WAS ONE OF REBECCA’S DECORATIVE ROCKS!!! THIS IS BAD. Josh just looks puzzled, says he doesn’t want to know what happened or why she was in his apartment earlier and just leaves.

Rebecca is, understandably, broken and the show launches into a show-stopping musical number about “self-indulgent self-loathing.” With lyrics like “you ruined everything you stupid bitch,” “lose some weight,” and “the only thing I’m close to is defeat,” the song is a compilation of every negative thought women have about themselves and breaks your heart into a million little pieces for Rebecca. It’s a beautiful introspective moment for Bloom & co and reflects the show at its best.

GREG SHOW UP! GUYS GREG I HERE! He sees the glass and is super worried while Rebecca is just so happy to see him and hugs him. They have a sweet moment as he says he’ll stay with her and eat coagulating cheese after they clean up the glass (the music from Settle For Me plays softly) and just as all is about to be well, he sees Josh’s wine glass and feels like the second choice again, saying he’s mad at himself for walking by her patio on his way out and HE JUST LEAVES!

Meanwhile, Paula has been telling Scott all about her adventures with Rebecca and he’s been listening and taking an interest and she’s super turned on – she even comes clean about almost sleeping with that high-rolling client and then they get it on hardcore!

The next day, Paula finds Rebecca and wants details about her night with Josh but she soon sees the look on Bunch’s face and realizes something went wrong. Rebecca says she ruined it all because she’s a ruiner who ruins everything and Paula is quick to come in and console her, saying they will find a way to make everything okay again and giving me warm fuzzies.

What a remarkable episode, I can’t say this enough, Crazy Ex Girlfriend outdoes itself every week and I truly hope it stays in my life for a nice long time!