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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×7:”The Book of Blood-Chapter Three: The Sange.”***

Still in South Freeland, Black Lightning is tracking the silver element in the forest when he comes across a section filled with hanging dead black men. Anissa tells him to cool down because he shouldn’t be out in the field all emotional, which is something Jefferson taught her. However, Jefferson tells her he’s losing power to his suit and cut’s Anissa off to investigate more. Black Lightning uses camouflage mode in his suit to hide before fighting the Lookers men. Eventually during the fight he runs out of juice and is knocked out by the Sange.

Jennifer, who really needs someone to talk to, goes to Parenna. Jennifer feels like she’s being punished for being born the way she is. Also, she wants to talk about Khalil whom her parents hate. Jennifer is sad that things have changed so much since she got powers and nothing will ever go back to being the same.

As Jefferson is locked up in the Lookers hide-out, the Looker tries comparing herself to him but Jefferson notices a hanging confederate flag and tells her that she’s a racist who hangs black men in trees.

Anissa brings Lynn to help Anaya with her baby when they notice a silver vile trying to enter into the white babies blood stream.

The Looker starts electrocuting Jefferson in order to find out where the baby is, that is until she starts having visions of the baby and leaves. Presumed dead by the Looker’s cronies, the electricity did not have the effect on Jefferson they thought it would and it actually gave Jefferson enough juice to break out of the Looker’s place and find the baby.

Jennifer and Khalil meet up at the stadium. Khalil is afraid of Tobias and doesn’t want to kill Reverend Holt. Jennifer tries to help him come up with a solution by focusing on one thing at a time. Khalil doesn’t think Jennifer should be helping him, but after her talk with Parenna, Jennifer simply tells Khalil, “I got you.”

After rescuing the baby, Black Lightning finds a tracking device at the scene of the Perdi-Sange fight that happened in the last episode. Black Lightning tells Anissa that the Looker can track the baby and flies away.

Khalil goes to the church to once again tell Reverend Holt he needs to leave. Holt pulls a gun on him and Khalil tells him “Tobias wants you dead, not me.” After leaving, Tobias tracks Khalil down and Khalil runs. Tobias calls his men to find him.

While running from Tobias’ men, Khalil calls Jennifer. Khalil doesn’t want her to come but Jennifer tells him, if this was happening to her, he would do the same thing. Once the men find Khalil, Jennifer comes to the rescue and shorts out the electricity, allowing Khalil to get away. When they meet up after, Jennifer shows him her powers.

Anissa finds the Looker and they fight. During the battle, the Looker gets the upper hand by bringing in some of her controlled Sange that were too much for Thunder to handle. Before the Looker could finish Thunder, Black Lightning came in to save the day. Thunder then near-fatally kills the Looker by throwing her into a big hook in the wall. Jefferson decides to give her to ASA because, “they’re the only ones who are equipped to handle her.”

In a touching moment, Annisa and Anaya’s family bring both babies together as the family accepts both white and black babies.

Gambi who’s been hiding out all episode finally gets a knock on his door and it’s Jefferson. Jefferson didn’t know whether to slug him or hug him which was appropriate. Gambi told him about the assassination attempt and why it was better for him to think he was dead. Jefferson tells him he’s family and eventually gives him a hug.

Jennifer isn’t home when Jefferson and Lynn get there and they’re trying to call her but she’s not answering her phone. Jefferson and Lynn start to worry so they go to Parenna to ask her is she has any knowledge of where Jenn is. Parenna doesn’t really know where Jenn is but she has a good idea but she also doesn’t want to tell her parents that she’s seeing a boy. Parenna tells her parents that Jennifer is special, like the most special, power-ful meta she has seen. Parenna cautions them if they push Jenn away something really really bad might happen if she retreats without a support system.

Now that Jennifer showed Khalil her powers, she feels like she can be her real self around him, because he didn’t judge her. Also, Khalil appreciates Jennifer for sticking by him when nobody else would. They kiss and it was literally fire (in a good way). Later, the two of them are seen in a car, deciding to run away and leave Freeland.


This week’s episode “The Sange,” delivered a satisfying end to the Book of Blood chapter of Black Lightning season 2. I like how this season has been structured episodically by cutting the 13 episodes into 3-4 part chapters, which makes the show feel more like a comic book. This quest through South Freeland add’s a new layer to Freeland and is a good way for the show to start world-building. Jennifer and Khalil’s relationship is justifiably a really strong part of the show and it definitely continued this week as both Jennifer and Khalil get past all their emotional stuff and get real with each other. Jefferson being in the suit a whole lot this episode definitely helped as well. Jefferson’s camouflage mode trick was also a pretty cool new trick we got to see.

+ More of Jefferson in the suit

+ Didn’t kill the Looker

+ Khalil & Jennifer

– Why the Looker thought it was a good idea to electrocute Jefferson

+Gambi/Jefferson Reunion

+ Jennifer being upgraded now to a major threat

+ China McClain, (Jennifer) her song plays at the end of the episode as they get back together and drive off which was pretty cool

+Satisfying end to Book of Blood chapter