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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×6: “The Book of Blood- Chapter Two: The Perdi.”***

At the end of last week’s episode, Anissa drove off to South Freeland to help save Anaya who was days away from giving birth to her baby. Deacon (the father) was murdered and told Anissa to save the baby with his last dying breath.

In South Freeland, a lady named the Looker scolds one of her men before taking his life with the silver goo. The Looker has the ability to control people using this elemental substance.

Meanwhile, Gambi is, in fact, alive, as Jefferson previously estimated. Tied up in his home, Gambi tortures one of the men that was sent to kill him. After cutting off a couple of the man’s fingers, the man does not give him the answers he wants, so Gambi kills him.

Councilman Kwame Parker meets with Reverend Holt to talk about the free clinic. However, the Reverend knows that Tobias is the anonymous donor and won’t give up the clinic to him. Reverend Holt feels bad that Kwame is under Tobias’ thumb and tells him he will pray for him.

At Tobias’, Kwame questions why Tobias wants this clinic and why he doesn’t just build another one somewhere else. Tobias wants the Reverend dead but Khalil thinks it’s a bad look to go after him. Tobias mentions that the Reverend escaped death once (at the march Khalil was shot at) and orders Khalil to kill him. Khalil again questions Tobias by telling him his mom goes to that church, however, Tobias really doesn’t care how Khalil feels. Also, Tobias owns every building on that block except the clinic, so that’s his motivation for buying and relocating the clinic.

Lynn holds a press conference to tell the Freeland families about the death of the 14 green light babies. One of the father’s of the green light kids, Mr.Long, demands answers from Lynn, however, Lynn is not at liberty to elaborate on which kids are alive. Moments after Lynn leaves, the father approaches her at her car, pleading with her to tell her if she is alive.

Gambi has flashbacks of how he escaped the car accident. Once again, Jefferson was right and Gambi had a contingency plan before he died. Gambi was able to jump out of the van before blowing it up from a safe distance away.

Jefferson heads to the Lightning Cave to look for Anissa but she’s not there. However, he does find Anissa via Gambi’s GPS tracker.

Meanwhile, Anissa is walking along a fence when she is stopped by a group of men, all with guns. The men take Anissa back to their home and question why she’s there. Anissa tells the family that Anaya is in danger and that Deacon is dead. Anaya immediately starts having contractions.

Khalil meets up with Jennifer on the roof to tell her about how he was set-up by Tobias (and not Black Lightning) and how he has to kill the Reverend. Khalil doesn’t even think Jennifer should be giving him the time of the day but Jennifer doesn’t think the whole Painkiller thing is actually him anyway. Jennifer goes on to tell him he’s made a bunch of bad decisions and she’s here so he doesn’t make anymore. Khalil tells Jen that he did make one good decision this year and that it was her.

Anaya, with help from Anissa, pushes out 2 kids, one black and one white. The black baby is immediately celebrated by the family but when the white one comes out the family wants nothing to do with it. Anaya’s mother realizes that Joshua her son, killed Deacon and says that he just started a war. The two newborn babies also both have this weird silver element in their eye which Anissa catches.

Jennifer attends to Lynn who is throwing up due to excessive drinking over the guilt of the deaths of the 14 green light kids.

Khalil meets Reverend Holt outside the church to kill him but Holt recognizes him. Khalil tells him to leave town but Holt won’t listen to him. Khalil chokes him out but doesn’t kill him, instead just throwing him on the ground. Holt tries to bring Khalil back to the light side but Khalil says it’s too late for me, before walking away.

Back in South Freeland, Anaya tells Anissa about the Sange (White people with powers who terrorize the black people) and the Perdi (Black people who hide out and farm). She also mentions the Looker, the liquid, and why it’s such a big deal she had a baby with a Sange. Anaya thinks her parents will abandon her because of this.



Anissa (Nafessa Williams) helps Anaya in South Freeland (Courtesy of SpoilerTv/The CW)


Khalil goes back to Tobias’ to tell him how he failed to kill Reverend Holt. Tobias talks to him about social cohesion and tactical cohesion and tells him that it’s his fault he failed because he’s been so fond of him. Khalil and Tobias finally fight. Khalil gets some good licks on Tobias but Tobias eventually win’s at the end. Tobias tells Khalil that if he doesn’t kill Holt, he will kill him and his mama.

Anaya thinks that the Looker will come after her babies because they have the element. Anissa goes to the parents to tell them they need to get the babies out of here and how they need to get over their old ideologies of relationships because thats their daughter and their grand-babies.

As the Looker sends her goon to get the babies, Black Lightning finally shows up to help Anissa and the Perdi get the baby to Freeland. Gambi also helps the team by taking out some of the Sange remotely. Anaya and Anissa can only get one of the babies out of there. Black Lightning stays behind to look for the parents but he notices the liquid and realizes that Looker is one of the original metas from 30 years ago.


BLK206a_0533b_595_Spoiler TV Transparent.jpg

(Cress Williams) as Jefferson Pierce/ Black Lightning (Courtesy of SpoilerTv/The CW)


Khalil goes back to Jennifer’s house and is acting really strange again. Jennifer thinks that Khalil is about to die so she gives him one last hug.

The Looker has the black baby and infects it with her element. When controlling the baby, she realizes that there is another baby out there. End.


After last week’s emotional episode, Black Lightning returns with the weirdly strong, “Perdi.” Once again, Anissa had another breakout performance while the episode separated the Pierce family from each other. The pairing’s work for the most part as Jennifer helps her mother grieve over the death of the green light kids, Anissa helps Anaya, and Khalil decides to finally fight back against Tobias. Jefferson was hardly of use in this episode until the end and Gambi was finally shown to be alive. It’s a bit frustrating to only see Jefferson in the suit for a minute again, but it’s effective in this instance. The show has also effectively brought another villain into the fold (albeit another white one). The storyline with the Perdi and Sange I did not expect in the show, but it did a good job setting up the conflict over the last 2 episodes.

+ Khalil finally fighting back

-Lynn turning into an alcoholic

+ Gambi’s a savage

+Jennifer calling out her mother (Just being honest)

– Another white villain

-Jefferson only in the suit for a minute again

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