The Reed family is united, Polaris and Marcos are together and Turner is desperate to track down the mutant underground. Where do we go from here?

The opening of this episode wasn’t one I was expecting. I didn’t think we would get a flashback to Turner’s family and his reason for distrusting mutants. The opening was well suited considering the ending and fallout of the actions of this episode. I think we can now all understand (somewhat) where Turner and the Sentinal Service motivations and reasoning lay.  Turner witnessed firsthand the dangers of the mutant population. He’s not the villain here but someone who genuinely feels he’s doing the right thing. This episode really gave some much needed depth to Turner and confirmed that the Sentinel Services are hiding something and possibly brainwashing mutants.

While I didn’t think the Strucker family did much, Reed stood out by earning the trust of the underground. His subplot of shifting the focus of both the local police and Sentinel Service was well done. I actually thought he was going to be caught again. It was nice seeing him finally being integrated into the Mutant Underground.

Polaris and Marcos had some great moments along with the other mutants. The use of the kidnapping of Turner was the highlight of the episode. I had a feeling they would use his memories to give us more information about Sentinel Service; wiping his memories of his daughter being killed was a sinister twist. I didn’t think this show would get that dark.

We also finally get the fall out of Dreamer and Blink from a few episodes back which was a bit overdue in my opinion. Reed gaining the trust of the Underground was pretty fast but glad that got that settled rather than drawing it out any longer.  “boXed in” was pretty fast paced which was refreshing considering the last episode. Overall a much stronger episode than last week-I was left wanting more.

I finished this episode wondering what direction does the show take Turner? How will the loss of his memories effect him? Will we see a completely different man? Throw us your thoughts in the comments section.