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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×5: “The Book of Blood-Chapter One: Requiem.” ***

So, right off the bat, Gambi is chased down by some thugs in his Gambi Van. The van ends up flipping and blows up, killing Gambi.

Anissa and Reverend Holt discuss a job opportunity at the clinic.


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Khalil and Jennifer finally talk it out (Courtesy of SpoilerTv/TheCW)


Jennifer is locked up in her room and doing homework when she gets a text from Khalil. Eventually, we see the conversation between Khalil and Jennifer from the end of last week’s episode. Jennifer is feeling really lonely and just needed someone to talk to about missing her old life. Khalil was able to get some emotional stuff off his shoulders and apologized for basically getting her locked in there in the first place. Khalil wants them to reconcile but this freaks Jennifer out and she immediately says she has to go.

At the clinic, Anissa helps out Anaya, a soon to be mother, nervous about raising a child by giving her some encouraging words which makes her feel better.

Tobias brings in a Freeland Councilman, named Kwame Parker. Tobias proceeds to toy with him by playing yet another one of his “favorite games,” to teach him a lesson, this time its pool. Eventually, Tobias grinningly makes him realize that Kwame already works for him.

Detective Henderson comes to the Pierce house to inform Jefferson (and Anissa) about Gambi’s death. Henderson wonders why someone would go after a tailor with military grade technology and weapons and assumes that it’s because he works with team Black Lightning. Anissa also learns that her dad gave out her identity to Henderson which Anissa seems a little salty about. Anissa is really emotional about the whole thing and Jefferson is more reserved and seems to think that Gambi has contingency plan upon contingency plan for his death. He’s not sold that he’s really dead until he sees the body. Annisa is ready to suit up but Jefferson thinks it’s better to sit tight and believe he’s alive and well.

In the lab, Lynn comes up with a new serum that fixes the green light babies but the problem is it only works 50% of the time. Dr.Jace want’s to push the serum on the green light kids but Lynn doesn’t want to possibly risk 14 of the 28 lives.

Anissa walks into Jennifer’s room to tell her about Gambi’s death. Jennifer takes it pretty harshly and cries a lot.

An emotional Anissa show’s up at Grace Choi’s house, telling her that her uncle died and she’s sad and that she’s the person she cares about the most. Grace is a little confused about this whole thing and doesn’t know what to say but Anissa doesn’t want her to say anything because all she’s trying to do is get a little freaky. In the morning, Grace calls her out and says that coming here and being all vulnerable and booty calling her wasn’t cool, because (Grace) has feelings for her but she knows she’s just going to get hurt again. Grace leaves the room and instantly all these tattoos start to surface on her body. She drinks some water and then they disappear.

Jennifer and Lynn rummage through Gambi’s house and find an old pocket watch to give to Jefferson to make him feel a little better. However, Jefferson still doesn’t believe Gambi’s dead and tells her that Lynn stole this and he going to take it back.

Kwame Parker has a press conference to announce that they have received an anonymous donation and have decided to relocate the Rebecca Lee Crumpler free clinic to an area less gang-infested. The media also questions if Tobias is the donor which Kwame re-iterates that it’s anonymous.

Jefferson goes to a bar to get drunk and Two-Bits who works there now ironically asks him if he can give him a ride home. Jefferson gets into a fight with a man harassing a woman. Detective Henderson who’s there as Jefferson’s designated driver, says he could have just gotten himself into a lot trouble. Jefferson (who I guess isn’t drunk anymore) comes back a little later as Black Lightning to ask him if he’s heard anything about Gambi’s accident. Two-Bits says Gambi definitely didn’t get out alive.

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Jefferson loses his temper (Courtesy of TheCW)

Tobias brings Khalil in to teach him another lesson. This time he uses Caviar and an old parable to teach him that if he screws up again, he’s going to kill him.

Deacon, the father of Anaya’s baby, comes into the clinic, bleeding and dying and tells Anaya that they must save the baby. Later, Henderson comes to the clinic to check out the body. Silver goo pours out of the body which Anissa collects and examines.

Khalil just shows up at Jennifer’s window to tell her he’s sorry for her loss. Jennifer doesn’t want him there and that she’s fine. Before leaving, Khalil gives her a really weird stare.

Jefferson shows up at Gambi’s store and finally breaks down in tears. Anissa is there and see’s her dad crying and he sob’s into her shoulders.

At the lab, Dr.Jace goes behind Lynn’s back and uses the serum on the green light kids. 14 kids die and Dr.Jace tells Lynn she’s a hero. Lynn is freaking out and hooks Jace in the face before getting security to remove her.

Anissa is driving to South Freeland when she is pulled over by Sheriff Clark. The creepy cop tells her that where-ever she is going is off limits before his skin starts turning into the silver goo. Anissa drives off.



“Requiem,” was the best episode of the season by far. It really upped the emotional stakes this week with Gambi’s death and gave Anissa probably the biggest push she needed this season. “Requiem” also provided us with a new mystery, a not so happy payoff to the green light kids and Grace’s new power.

-Tobias toying and screwing with people never gets old. I wonder what game he’s going to choose next week, I’m going to say bowling.

-Glad that Grace chose to call out Anissa for hand-bagging her, what she did was totally not cool. I love how this show handles relationships.

-I’m really surprised Anissa didn’t flip out on her dad for telling Henderson that she was Thunder.

-I forget this is a super-hero show sometimes. Jefferson was maybe in the suit for a minute.

-Dr. Jace sucks, plain and simple.

-Khalil gave Jennifer this really weird look and it either meant he’s super in love with her or he’s going to die soon and he wanted to see her one last time.


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