We finally get a Regina centric episode that builds off of last weeks events of Regina finding a picture of her and Henry taken way back in Storybrooke. Elsewhere in flashback sequences we see Regina helping Ivy walk down a different path then the one Regina took at the hands of her own mother, Cora seasons ago. Here Regina assists Ivy with coming to terms with having magic and we also have Rumple make an appearance in Another Realm too.

Speaking of Ivy, it’s also revealed that she’s the actual big bad and the reason why everyone is where they are at this season. She’s basically filling in the void of a season one Regina for story purposes and creating the behind the scene machinations to usurp her mother, Victoria from power.

Regina and Ivy

Photo Source: spoilersguide.com

Elsewhere, Rumple was out of the hospital and working on figuring out Regina’s photo mystery. Hook went looking deeper into the missing girl case that has been plaguing him for weeks, with Alice helping him look deeper at the clues he has. Henry and Jacinda patched things up and are having a blossoming romance now. And Regina finally became well, Regina again thanks to Ivy and the Witch by episode’s end. However there is a slight catch to Regina now.

Due to Regina’s actions in the past with Ivy she can’t have Henry and Jacinda ever kiss due to if they do, everything that Regina holds dear will go away. So basically a lose lose situation Regina is in due to Ivy’s curse.

The episode itself was pretty well paced and everyone’s acting was well done. I didn’t hate Jacinda as much as I normally do and it’s always a treat to see Rumple on screen as either the detective or the Dark One. The only downside is probably the outdoor street settings can get pretty noisy and it seems like the actors have to talk louder then normal due to traffic. This sometimes ruins a good quiet moment outside between characters due to a car horn going off at the wrong time. Maybe they’ll get a more controlled outdoor setting in time.

Other then that, it looks like next week’s 2 hour episode is going to go all out and leave nothing behind! It also looks like Hook will wake up then as well and come ever close to solving his own mystery!