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As much as I do enjoy Once Upon A Time while I’m watching it, I’ve got to say this episode left me… lacking. For want of a better word. I loved seeing Liam back again but overall there just wasn’t that much about this episode I found overly memorable. Though looking back over my notes, I did scream MUTINY! At least three times.

So, we start with Henry and Cruella going off in search of the pen. Which frankly is an awful idea, no matter how good Henry’s intentions are. Henry spots something shiny in the woods and goes off in search, discovering the Apprentice who tells him that he shouldn’t be helping Cruella. Which frankly is pretty obvious! The Apprentice does tell Henry that the quill is in the Sorceror’s Mansion but that James has taken the key from him. He also warns Henry again about making the wrong choice and tells him that he can’t move on unless Henry does the right thing. Honestly I had to go look up how the Apprentice died, I had no recollection of it!

Meanwhile, Emma has taken Hook back to her parents’ place in Underbrooke and and heals him of the wounds inflicted by Hades’ torture. They talk and Hook says he doesn’t think he’s good enough for Emma and that she shouldn’t have come to rescue him. At this point, Hook’s brother Liam turns up. He claims to not know his unfinished business but that he’s heard that there is a book that may have the power to defeat Hades. They all think this is the storybook. Everyone goes off to look for it, expecting it to turn up in the Charming’s apartment as that’s where it was found the first time. (At this point I then yelled MUTINY for the first time. But can’t remember why.)

Liam and Emma talk and he tells her that he doesn’t think she’s good enough for his brother, which in some ways I must concede that he does have a point, no matter how hard I ship them!

I like Liam. He’s a far more in depth character than he sometimes seems to be, and definitely has a dark side. When he’s alone, Hades visits him and tells him to destroy the pages concerning himself or he’ll reveal to Killian what Liam’s unfinished business really is. I do really adore Hades.

In the Enchanted Forest of long ago, Killian and Liam are all grown up but still working as servants, slowly saving up their money in order to be able to pay for their freedom. Liam wishes to join the navy and by signing them both up, gains enough money to set them free. But when he returns to the ship they’re working on he discovers that the captain has got Killian drunk and managed get him to gamble away all the money he has on him. Liam decides he’d rather stay with his brother in servitude than be free on his own.

On the next voyage they sail into a great storm. Liam insights a mutiny amongst the crew and takes over in order to try to save them all. But Hades pays him a visit. Tells him that he wants the souls aboard the ship and if anyone discovers that Liam instigated a mutiny he’ll never be able to join the navy. So they make a deal. The lives of the crew for Liam, Killian and a jewel they’d been facing the storm in order to discover. Hades is true to his word. Liam and Killian survive with the jewel but the rest of the crew are lost to the underworld.

Back in Underbrooke, Snow and David have retrieved the key from James’ desk – after a brief alteration with Cruella – and they all set about getting into the sorcerer’s mansion and searching for the book. Unfortunately, Liam is the first to find it. He tears out the pages that involve Hades and hide them in his jacket before telling the others that he’s found the book. Later he goes outside and throws them into the well, though there is still lingering ink on his hands as proof of what he’s done. Emma tries to point this out to Killian but he still wants to believe in his brother, however the rest of the crew from the ship they were on are still in the underworld and reveal to Hook the truth about what his brother did to them before kidnapping them both.

The crew are more than happy to send both Killian and Liam into Tartarus but Hades intervenes. Liam stands up to Hades and the God of the Underworld throws him backwards into the burning river. Hook does his best to save his brother but Liam sacrifices himself to it. This completes Liam’s unfinished business and a very annoyed Hades vanishes. Liam and the rest of the crew are now able to move on to a better place as the truth has been revealed and they have made peace with themselves. Hook returns to Emma and they reconcile. Once they have defeated Hades, he wants to return to the overworld with her.

Henry has found the pen and ink in the mansion and after a lot of deliberation decides that he wants to do the right thing. He tells the others about the pen and says that he’s going to use it properly. As the author it’s his job to chronicle the stories exactly as they are and therefore he has the power to recreate Hades’ story that Liam removed from the book.

Hades however pulls the pages from the river and looks over the pictures. Apparently he has a past with Zelena. And it’s very important to him that this isn’t discovered! Could it be that she’s Persephone as well as the Wicked Witch of the West?

Overall, a good episode while watching, but generally underwhelming to look back over!