Hello and welcome back to this season of The Good Doctor. Week after week we enjoy the hard hitting story lines told in actions and in words. With Thanksgivings just passing, I hope you enjoyed your time with friends and family, and I want to personally thank all of you for returning each week. With that, let’s dive in, though I must mention, I loved how many one liners were in this episode.

r 2.5.2

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Lea doesn’t want to live with Shaun in the beginning of the episode. She asks if he ever thinks of them as a couple, which Lea doesn’t want. She just wants to be friends. Lea ends up getting the deposit back but Shaun still wants to be room mates as friends. Lea and Shaun end up yelling a bit, but Shaun tells her flatly he wants to live with her because having a room mate would make him happy. Lea says she is scared of messing up their friendship just because of an apartment.  But ultimately ends up accepting his offer, and they move into the new, two bedroom apartment. I am sure this will work out wonderfully! (Yes, sarcasm is included in the last statement)

r 2.5.1

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The team deals with an anorexic patient named Louisa. Her heart aorta isn’t closing properly, but because of how sick she is, she might not last through the surgery. Claire talks with the patient, who not only has had anorexia for decades, but a son, wondering how she did it. The patient admits she had an untra sound picture with her every meal, and thought of the food going to her son. Claire asks if she can do it again. Morgan seems unhappy with her approach. Morgan tries to throw the patient under the bus by mentioning her eating disorder in front of the family and upset her son. Claire and Morgan are at odds, Morgan stating ‘compassion gets results but calories gets it faster’. Claire still listens to her patient, but she is reacting badly to an NG tube. Melendez decides to proceed with the surgery, much to Morgan and Claire’s shock. Claire mentions a brain surgery, but it was done in the UK, with 6 patients and a 50% chance of success. Claire goes behind Melendez’s back

gd 2.5.4

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and mentions the treatment of the family. They opt for it. Dr. Browne goes in front of Aoki, Dr. Andrews and Dr. Melendez with her research, and has Louisa talk with them as well. She admits needing help. She has tried everything and she is still killing herself. She is still killing herself. They vote to do the surgery. One issue is it might affect her personality, and might make her not love her son anymore. She only ate because of him before, and views him as her reason for living. When she wakes, she feels hungry. Her family is waiting but leave soon afterwards. It seems, though, she did have a complication and the hug felt different to her. Claire finds Melendez on the roof, where Melendez plans to take her off his team. He isn’t mad she argued against him, even voting for the surgery, but he is against going over his head.

GD 2.5.3

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Park and Shaun deal with Spencer, a gay man who came in with a knee injury, but turns out he has an inflammatory intestinal condition. He doesn’t want his husband to know he had gastric bypass surgery, but because of the condition, they need to reverse it. Spence hides the truth from Wade, the patient’s husband and I think  Shaun’s face when he comes up with an idea on how to to the surgery through the umbilical is this season’s shining moment. “We can help you deceive your husband.” Sadly, the husband seems informed, demanding to know what is going on, what surgery is needed, and what is the success rate. Its hard to lie when someone asks the right questions. His husband corners Park in the cafeteria, going over research and listing several different alternative methods of Chrons treatment before surgery, and Park snaps, saying it’s not a liaison they are repairing. Wade decides he wants to move hospitals because he feels there was a breach of confidentiality. Spence and Wade are fighting, Spencer is worried about the hidden reasons. Shaun is going over discharge protocol when he realizes Wade is bleeding internally. The surgery goes well, and Park runs across the husband outside. The husband admits he is worried Wade would gain weight again. It brings to light what people will try and hide from their loved ones, but is it really good to lie?

gd 2.5.5

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Glassman hasn’t pooped, causing Shaun to  meet with his oncologist. Shaun clearly isn’t getting the message she is trying to give, about just being there for his friend. He is trying to find a blueberry muffin to help motivate Aaron. The baker, Debbie recommends chocolate, his favorite. Aaron is annoyed that Shaun would tempt him with a muffin to walk. The oncologist tells Shaun he needs to just be a patient, supportive friend. Shaun goes and finds Debbie, the baker who recommended the muffin. I remember her now, they went on a date last season, and fell in love with the car knowledge. As they walk together down the call, the Oncologist and Shaun watch from afar. I guess Aaron just needed the right motivation.

That is all for this week, I hope the Winter has been good for you. Until next week- Stay Shiny!