What we want to see this season:

1) Give us both good and evil “freaks”. Show us that there are bad and corruptible Freaks from within.

2) Show us a civil right movement type conflict across each episode.

3 )A multilayered relationship between the son, Jimmy and his estranged father.

4) Show an origin of how Elsa Mars became the owner of the Freakshow.

5) When they kill someone, KEEP THEM DEAD!

6) Let Michael Chiklis do what he does best by playing a horrible yet lovable character.

7) Have some sort of tie into AHS:Asylum to bridge the continuity. Have Pepper leave the show and be sent off to the Asylum.

8) Give the villain “Twisty”  a strong background and motive for his killing. I would love for them to do a cross of the Axe Man and Johnny Morgan.

9) Have a soundtrack of the best and classic songs of the 50’s to keep us in the time period.

10) Have the infamous crawling scene from the 1932 cult film Freaks.