The Venture Bros. writers gave us a villain heavy, more centralized plot with this one but still managed to leave us on a cliffhanger that has us ready to go full Red Death with either outcome.

After a public and less than fruitful meeting with Blind Rage of the Peril Partnership the Guild Council holds a meeting to talk business. Wide Wale has stopped sending kickbacks to the Peril Partnership and the council has a vite and agrees to contijue the payments through an official deal with the Guild, and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch revelas that the charter never indicates that the council needs 13 members, but does stipulate that they need to give up their personal grudges and retire as villains. She has Watch and Ward distribute letters with one last iconic arch for each member as a last hurrah.

What follows is the classic type of Venture trope indulging and circumvention we’re all here for: Radical Left has to arch his other half Right Wing so he plays himself in a game of Clue; Red Mantle amd Dragoon put off reading their letter until they’ve had a peaceful night only to learn they’ve outlive all their enemies and have won the long arch and are free to retire in peace; WideWale ssnds Rocco to rough up his arch; Phantom Limb has a literal dick-measuring-contest with General Gathers; while Dr. Z gets to visit Jonny in the rehab facility where the two burry the hatchet and get closure on their relationship after one last chase for the nostalgia.

Venture Bros. – Adult Swim

The word closure is what scares us here, anytime show writers stary putting bows on character packages it makes us nervous for what it means for the characters’ (and show’s) future. Maybe that is why the cliffhanger on Dr. Mrs. The Monarch has us so worked up: we don’t want to see her fade to the background. If she renounces the council she’s giving up a job she’s great at and the ability to number 2 for her husband, but if she stays and he can’t rebuild his crew wothout her itleaves room for him to grow into whatever his final monarchal arc will be…and isn’t that a segway into the end of the series? In a season where all the long standing fan theories are getting confirmed or debunked it’s something we can’t help think about. Regardless of her choice seeing her succeafully arch by pickpocketing the black widow Novia after an emotional performance in the Lady Au Pair costume was worth all the turmoil. The link to Novia potentially black widowing Rusty and the clips of his and Brocks’s ridiculousness was just icing on the cake.

Venture Bros. – Adult Swim

We are excited to see where Red Death’s murder of Blind Rage leads in the Peril Partnership vs. Guild of Calamitous Intent storyline, and fingers are crossed for a big villain showdown, but until then we’re sweating out thr councilwoman’s decision and hope she doesn’t go full Wide Wale and leave the council. We wouldn’t mind getting a Hank and Dean heavy episode in the meantime though– these short clips with them work so well but we want advancement on their personal stories!