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Slabside becomes even more dangerous after a guard is murdered and everyone is a suspect; Felicity seeks help from an unexpected source as she pursues Diaz; Laurel flexes her muscles as the District Attorney. – Arrow/The CW

Another not so Oliver centered episode coming at you. It wasn’t bad though—I always love seeing my boy Anatoyl.

Due process opens with The Dragon: Ricardo Diaz torturing Anatoyl—he isn’t very happy about his babyface turn last season. Anatoyl is gonna help Diaz destroy queen—his blow torch can be quite convincing.

Ollie is returning back to life on level 1. Stanley his sidekick catches him up. There is new guards and they are ultra hard asses—not necessarily a bad thing. With the new guards Brick is no longer in good graces—see not so bad at all.

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Next up Ollie visits with Laurel— she fills him in on working with Felicity to get him out. He doesn’t want her help. She’ll never be his Laurel. He doesn’t trust her and wants her to stay away from Felicity—that’s rough.

A guard has been murdered and Stanley the Sidekick is the main suspect. He is going to the hole. It looks like he was framed for the murder of guard—Brick seems to be the logical choice. Like you’d expect Oliver confronts Brick, his little crew and him are tight lipped. Oliver will get to the bottom of it.

The guards have been beating on Stanley but he did get some info from them and shares with Oliver. The murder happened in the shower. In the shower Ollie finds the shiv in question and it looks like on of Bronze Tigers’s.

Tiger is busted the guards found his prints on the shiv and now he is going to the hole. He seems very confused—it looks like another set up. Stanley is a free man once again, well kinda.  He lets it slip he knew it was Tiger’s blade but he shouldn’t have known that—maybe he wasn’t set up. Ollie is now questioning his partnership.

Meanwhile Felicity and Laurel are still tacking the Silencer— she should be back from Russia soon. Word on the street is the entire Bratva was massacred by someone. No matter what Oliver said Felicity wants Laurel on their side.

Diaz and the Longbow Hunters have finally surfaced and the duo is on the attack. Wild Dog is joins the party. ARGUS and the SCPD soon arrive—its a real party now.
It’s a trap—Anatoly’s in box with a bomb. Luckily everybody makes it out. Dig and Dinah aren’t appreciative of the interfering but they soon realize they all need to pool their resources together. No one but Felicity trust Laurel—so she’s out—but felicity will keep her in the loop because they are bffs now.

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Diaz is sticking to the standard Arrow villain act—to get revenge on Oliver he is going to destroy the city, classic. This time he used Anatoly for contacts to buy explosive weapons—super original. Diggle and company want Anatoly to help—he wants to flee. Felicity threatens him into staying—that’s right she threatened him.

Anatoyl meets with the bomb guy, he is an old “friend.” Shortly after he is made—John goes into back him up but cold ass Felicity tries to stop him because she isn’t done hacking. Dig makes it in in the nick of time, Anatoly is safe and Felicity got the info she needed. Dig confronts Felicity about her rash decision making.

Laurel is fighting for Oliver in the court. Its not fair that Diaz is still out, the FBI isn’t up holding their deal with Oliver and the conditions of Slabside are not the greatest. The judge does agree the living conditions of Slabside should be investigated but denies Oliver’s appeal—that’s a tiny victory. After the hearing Laurel was about to assault the judge but Dinah intervened. She has finally seen that Laurel has changed and doesn’t want her to ruin that.

Diaz bought a big ass bomb. Its time to prepare for a mass evacuation of Star City.

Hey don’t worry Anatoly is fine—no thanks to Felicity. She still checks on him and tries to apologize—he doesn’t want it, he doesn’t do apologizes. He tells her embrace your demons if you want to kill Diaz.

They found the bombs—time to defuse the bombs. Everyone is there including Diaz. Felicity, Curtis and Anatoyl are on bomb duty. Dig, Dinah and Dog are fighting Diaz and the Hunters. The new Green Arrow shows up for some backup—dukes it with Diaz. Diaz is down and the Hunters escape. Diaz is behind bars but Felicity doesn’t seem satisfied—I think she wants him dead.

Laurel meets with Oliver once more. Ollie is impressed with Laurel getting the judge to investigate Slabside.

Elsewhere Felicity hooks Anatoyl up with a new identity and he hooks her up with a gun for Diaz. She sneaks into holding—turns the camera off already to pull trig on Diaz but Laurel intervenes. The DA has given them a deal, if Ollie helps with Diaz’s case he is free.

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In the future William and Roy are mourning Felicity. She has been dead a few weeks—murdered. Felicity started calling herself the Calculator, like her dad. She ran in dangerous circles and it caught up to her. William doesn’t care no matter what she sent him that tracker—he’s come this far he isn’t stopping now.

Roy and Dinah catch up. The message in Ollie’s bow said “mark of forum?”—Dinah and Roy apparently know what that means and and are keeping it on the DL.

Felicity leads them to more schematics and plans to level Star City— definitely evil Felicity. Blackstar is the last thing they find.

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