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Still in prison, Oliver faces his biggest challenge yet; Felicity gets an intriguing offer; Diggle asks Curtis to go under cover for ARGUS. – The CW/Arrow

This episode was easily the most boring episode of the season so far — granted this is only the 3rd episode but it was still boring. All the Oliver stuff was great — I continue to love seeing him in prison, everything else though just didn’t seem to matter.

The episode opens with Ollie shiving a CO, no context is given and then the title card plays. This will tie in with the end because it actually takes place at the end of the episode.

Now the real opening for Oliver. He did what Brick wanted, now he wants some information. Brick is hesitant at first but then agrees to introduce Oliver to “the Demon,” who is the informant inside Slabside — everything goes through him. They meet tonight.

At night all the cells open when they are obviously not supposed to. This cues Ollie’s meeting, his sidekick follows. Shocker. The meeting was an ambush. The Demon was no where to be found, instead Bronze Tiger and some friends were there waiting for Oliver. The former Green Arrow has no problem besting them and takes Bronze Tiger prisoner. Bronze Tiger is going to take Oliver to Brick or Oliver is going to shiv him. Bronze Tiger obliges. Brick wanted Oliver gone, Bronze Tiger tells him he is just doing what Ollie is doing — protecting himself. He isn’t a bad dude, heck he saved Lyla’s life when he was in the Suicide Squad.

Brick is holding a prison fight club even the guards are in on it. If Ollie wants to talk he has to beat the champ, Derek Sampson. Ollie breaks his arm to win then brings the fight to Brick. Ollie makes him sing like a canary. The Demon is being held on level 2 — where the bad of the bad are held. Ollie just isn’t that or is. Ollie goes after all the guards, shiving many of them but zero fatal blows. Now the opening is coming into play, this was all a ploy to get to level 2.

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Now to the boring stuff.

Lyla, Dig and Curtis are in Zurich investigating some shady bank. It goes well but someone copied Curtis’s captured data. It was Lyla and Dig was all like what the heck but it was a lesser evil kinda thing because ARGUS didn’t care about it so, Lyla was putting the info in good hands. At first Dig was salty but then he was like “I love you. No more secrets.” And then they were all good.

Back in Star City, Felicity is still trying to convince Watson to team up with her. Watson is all like “nah” even Felicity begs. Felicity used that time to bug her office and Wilddog and her listen in later. Diaz hacked into the CDC and the FBI has no plans to do anything about so, Felicity and Wilddog plan to rope Watson and Dinah into stopping them.

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Things don’t go very well at the CDC. Someone is block Felicity from the computer system, so she is basically useless. Everyone else has to fight because of that. They gave up a valiant effort but Diaz and the Longbow Hunters escaped or so we are led to believe.

The whole thing was botched and now Watson is in hot water. Watson’s being reassigned to DC. She tells Felicity she’s not mad because they were doing the right, if only they got one of them things would’ve been different. Guess what she should be mad. Felicity and Rene caught the Silencer and are holding her hostage. Wilddog actually feels bad about Watson but Felicity isn’t phased.

The episode closes with Diaz telling the two other Longbow Hunters that every since the roog top explosin he has been in incredible pain. He then takes the drugs they stole from the CDC and punches the wall revealing he now has super strength.

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