*Spoiler warning for The Big Bang Theory season 12, episodes 1 and 2.

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon offers Amy a plate full of lego breakfast on The Big Bang Theory. Photo courtesy of CBS, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

Your favorite nerdy show, The Big Bang Theory, is back with its twelfth and last season. It premiered on Monday, September 24th, then, the same week, switched to Thursdays, so we got two episodes in one week! Episode one picked up from where the season eleven finale left off, with the morning after Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. While some of the jokes were a little predictable, most of the two episodes were laugh-out-loud funny as usual.

The first episode follows Sheldon and Amy on their honeymoon, while the rest of the gang deal with Amy’s parents back home. There’s plenty of nerdy locations and activities packed into the honeymoon, including a visit to Lego Land and seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – complete with Sheldon and Amy in their wizard robes. It also tackles the issues of their relationship though, with Sheldon scheduling all of their coitus time. While it freaks Amy a little out, and makes her feel like the romance has been taken out, Sheldon eventually explains that he schedules when they’re going to have sex so that he doesn’t forget about it, since sex isn’t as important to him. It’s Sheldon being Sheldon, but it’s also kind of adorable. The most shocking part of all this is that he makes his explanation while holding two hotdogs he got from a street vendor, despite being a clean freak.

Meanwhile, everyone else discovers that Amy’s dad has run away from his wife and is hiding out in Sheldon and Amy’s apartment while they’re gone. For context, Amy’s mom talks incessantly and never let’s her husband get a word in edgewise. While dealing with the situation, Leonard and Penny struggle with the thought that they’re exactly like this couple, with Penny being a “ball-buster”, and Leonard being meek and afraid of her. They ultimately realize however that while their relationship has an odd dynamic, it is nowhere near as extreme as that.

The episode was cute, funny, and mostly explored the romantic relationships of many of the characters. It wasn’t an explosive premier for their final season, but it certainly hadn’t lost its touch.

Episode two took a different vain with a scavenger hunt, a spray tan gone wrong, and an arranged marriage. Penny and Leonard give Sheldon and Amy a mysterious wedding gift that no one can figure out what it is. (Turns out, Penny and Leonard got it as a wedding gift as well from Howard and Bernadette, who got it as a wedding gift from Raj. Apparently, it’s a crystal chakra wand.) At first it drives them crazy, which was Leonard and Penny’s goal, but then they inexplicably decide that it’s a clue in a scavenger hunt. This results in them going to the coffee shop where they first met, and stealing a bunch of things from the lost and found box that they think Leonard and Penny left for them. The joke’s on Leonard and Penny, because Sheldon and Amy really enjoy their imaginary scavenger hunt.

Guess who finally finds love on The Big Bang Theory? Stewart! In the season eleven finale, he kisses his assistant Denise (Lauren Lapkus). They’re now adorably awkward around each other because they haven’t discussed it yet. Stewart gets up the guts to ask her out and, lo and behold, she says yes. Amazed that he actually has a date, Stewart proceeds to go through with a bunch of cosmetic improvements to himself that go horribly wrong. He dyes his hair a ridiculously dark color, and gets a horrible orange spray tan (there’s also, supposedly, some botched man-scaping, but luckily they don’t show us that). Instead of canceling the date, Stewart decides to take Bernadette’s advice and just go through with it and explain to Denise what happened. Denise must really be the one for Stewart, because even while she mocks him, she’s still thrilled to go on the date. I guess if you’ve found the person who’s willing to discuss how Superman cleans up Krypto’s poop while flying, you don’t give them up just because of a bad spray tan.

Unfortunately, Stewart’s success forces Raj to once again examine how lonely his life is. This causes him to call up his dad and ask for the one thing he has been avoiding since day one: an arranged marriage. So I guess if all goes well, we might see Raj walk down the aisle sometime this season as well. It would be just too sad if the series ended and Raj was still alone.

So, all in all, one week, two hilarious episodes, and many fans looking to see how this last season plays out. Next week, we’ll see Leonard and Penny discuss how Penny doesn’t want kids.