Courtesy of Jack Zeman/Fox

Ghosts and ghouls and spirits abound in last week’s episode of 9-1-1. From the faux macabre to the truly baffling coincidence, the Halloween-themed subject matter truly captures the essence of All Hallows Eve.

On their first call of the night, station 118 is sent out to assist a woman in a cemetery of all places. After being bumrushed by what she thought was the undead, it turned out to be a cemetery employee that was sucked into a sinkhole. Trapped underground, the unfortunate men looked the part of a zombie but were fortunately and skillfully rescued by engine 118’s crew.

Courtesy of Jack Zeman/Fox

At dispatch, Maddie takes a garbled call from a frightened hiker, trapped on a trail with a broken leg. As the call drops, she’s unable to pinpoint the exact location of the distressed caller. Ss she has a tech clean the sound up, they discover something creepy: only Maddie’s voice is coming through the line. There is no one else. And to make the supernatural factor raise to the nth level, the tech discovers the caller’s voice on an emergency call…seven years earlier. Can we all say “eeep!”

There’s always a strong personal backstory to each episode of 9-1-1 and this week Eddie and Hen get the special treatment. We find out Eddie’s ex-wife isn’t really his ex-they are estranged. After trying to get his son Christopher into an exclusive school, the only thing left is the family interview. Christopher’s mother is a split dichotomy: a daughter who selflessly took care of her sick mom…but abandoned her special needs son for over two years. There’s history and then there’s history, and they have it in spades (their makeout session in the school parking lot proved that).

As for Hen, she is haunted by a ghost of a different kind: her estranged father. After abandoning his daughter at age 9, Hen had no hope nor desire to see the man again. And when a hospital reached out regarding his final directives, she was at a loss at what to actually do. Talking things over with Athena gave her the clarity she needed and she put her father out of his pain by signing off on a DNR.

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And we recall Maddie’s creepy no-call emergency communication. Well, as the fire crew scale a closed trail, they discover very old bones and an old cell phone. As they climb down a bit further, they locate a missing hiker with a broken leg…who says he never made an emergency call because he dropped his phone. C-r-e-e-p-y.

And as for Buck: his demons and memories and the haunting of Abby made his choice to move out a but easier than he thought. Maybe Abby will return but all she’ll find is a ghost of what she had with Buck.

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