The Good Place Chapter 8 – Most Improved Player

Michael interviews everyone, the Michael of The Bad Place is Adam Scott & Janet is really into cacti.

At the end of last week’s episode, Eleanor stood up in front of everyone and bravely confessed that she didn’t belong in The Good Place. In last night’s episode, Eleanor’s fate was being decided through a series of standardized tests and interviews. Michael also wants to talk to Tahani, JianYu & Chidi in order to make his recommendation.

First up, he’s alone with Eleanor and asks Janet to pull up her file. New Janet still doesn’t know the difference between a cactus and a file though, so Michael has to pull out his lie detector cube to ask basic good vs bad person questions like “have you ever commited murder”, “have you ever owned a vanity licence plate”, and “have you ever taken off your shoes and socks on a flight?” This is also where he finds out that she didn’t murder Janet, she’s simply protecting a friend who did.


Next up is Tahani, who is outraged by the blatant lying and that this tiny blonde woman has taken advantage of the system. At the same time though, she does feel a kinship with Eleanor and doesn’t want to send her to The Bad Place so this particular interview isn’t super helpful.

While Tahani is in with Michael, Eleanor briefs them on what went down, including that Michael knows she didn’t kill Janet and that they could ALL be sent to the bad place. This stresses Chidi out but also Eleanor quotes Kant casually so he’s super proud at the same time.

Then Michael talks to JianYu, who promised Eleanor & Chidi that he would only smile and nod, so that’s what he does. Michael interprets this all as depth and wisdom, even when Jianyu pricks himself on a cactus.


When it’s time to interview Chidi, Janet finally appears with the actual Eleanor file and he’s off the hook. We learn about her terrible roommate whom Eleanor sort of exploited and made tshirts to mock. The roommate totally deserved it but Michael sees it as a bad thing so he calls Trevor from The Bad Place.

This Adam Scott character is NOTHING like Human Disaster Ben Wyatt; he’s the worst, he’s also delighted to finally meet Eleanor who is a “legend down there.” Eleanor is put on the train with this horrible dudebro who tells her to smile more and calls her sweetheart. Also this train will make a million stops for no reason AND get hotter every time Eleanor thinks about how hot it is: TORTURE.


Chidi can’t handle losing his friend/soulmate and the talk they had while Eleanor was saying goodbye really got to him because he runs over to Michael’s office and confesses EVERYTHING! He says he’s known about Eleanor from the start, he’s been teaching her to be a better person, she didn’t want Michael to be tortured so she tried to stop the retirement train, oh and he killed Janet.

In light of all this, Michael marches over to the train that still hasn’t left, presumably to torture Eleanor more and pulls her off of it. He tells Trevor that they will keep Eleanor in The Good Place until this matter is resolved. Trevor is all sure whatever, but then he drops a bombshell! There’s ANOTHER Eleanor Shellstrop (!!!), the one whose spot in The Good Place went to Kristen Bell’s Eleanor, and he wants to keep her in The Bad Place.


OG Eleanor steps off the train, looking pretty terrible and the episode ends. I have so many questions and I want to know so many things, but mostly I want to ask this other Eleanor how she could love clowns SO MUCH?!!

Tune in to chapter 9 of The Good Place next Thursday at 8:30 on NBC!

photos courtesy of NBCU


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