Isobel is the murderer and Max and Michael covered it up for her. Of course that would cause friction for all parties involved. And it would seem that Liz’s and Isobel’s lives will never be the same again. Isobel doesn’t remember a thing and keeps having weird blackout episodes and waking up in strange places. 10 years ago and again in present day. In response to the news of her sister, Liz decides to create and alien killing medicine. Each person has their own way of coping with their emotions.

But, the secret of the aliens are starting to bleed over into their human friends lives too. A new character appears as well. Maria’s mom. She seems to have mental stability issues, she is the town’s crazy lady. And she talks about the aliens. No one really pays attention to her though. In the original version Maria’s mom was non existent and Isobel never killed Liz’s sister because she didn’t have one. I know that this version is more closely related to the original story. I can’t help but get nostalgic for the old one.

Old friends reconnect as Liz finally takes a break from her madness and takes a chance to visit Maria. Alex, Liz, and Maria spend the day together. But Maria’s mom keeps mistaking Liz for Rosa but she runs with it. Maybe to find some peace or to reconnect with her sister. In truth it seems like Maria’s mom has had encounters with Max’s people. Meanwhile Max is hitting roadblock after roadblock in the case against the man who tried to kill him. In short, he will get off scot free because Max’s record isn’t exactly clear. If he pursues the case it will affect Liz’s dad. It seems Cameron, Max’s partner, decided to take Alex’s dad up on his offer to investigate Max. And to everyone’s surprise, Wyatt Long drew the same symbol as Max’s tattoo. Why is he drawing that symbol?

Liz is still thinking about something Maria’s mom said about Rosa. It seems that Isobel was stalking Rosa and Rosa was afraid of her. Liz can’t get that off her mind as she heads back to the lab to check on the results of her weapon. She runs into Max who sees vials of blood in her lab. She then unwillingly tells him that she is creating protection for humans. Max is not very happy with that. She tries to scientifically explain it away saying it’s similar to the acetone they drink. But it’s not. So Max comes up with the conclusion of running away, but Isobel thinks that she should take the medicine Liz is creating. But no one knows what the effects will be and it could end up killing her. But Isobel is willing to take that risk.

Another interesting tidbit about Wyatt Long, the guy who tried to roast Liz. He has been having the same blackouts that Isobel is having. Along with absentmindedly drawing that symbol. Coincidence, I don’t think so.