Hello Gothamites!
We start this episode with a grieving GCPD. They know what kind of destruction Jeremiah’s bomb caused in the bunker, where Gordon was, and they fear for the worst. Bullock is trying to hold it together, but most of the people don’t want to listen to him. Last time they followed him, the Pyg slaughtered a lot of their co-workers. Then Alvarez disturbs Bullock with the news that Jeremiah was for certain not in the bunker because he is standing outside the GCPD. Jeremiah wants Gotham to be empty in six hours before he starts to detonate more bombs around the city. Seeing is believing, so he blasts the Gotham clocktower to show how serious he really is. In The Sirens club, Tabitha and Barbara are watching the fall of the clocktower when Penguin comes in. He has a plan to make the most advantage of Jeremiah’s plans to get both money and power back, but he is lacking the manpower to actually execute it. Barbara refuses at first, but Tabitha convinces her to join when Penguin tells that the money can make Butch normal again.

The entire GCPD is now on the hunt for Jeremiah as Bruce walks in, asking Bullock about Jim. Bruce wants to help since he feels guilty that the bombs were created with his money. Bullock can’t help him nor can use his help and sends him home to Alfred where he will be save. Just as Bruce is about to leave the GCPD he gets a call from Alfred’s phone, Sadly, it isn’t Alfred, but Jeremiah. He took Alfred and wants Bruce to go to a certain address to save him. But if he tells any of the cops, Jeremiah will know, just as he knows that Bruce is at the GCPD at that very moment.


GOTHAM: L-R: Morena Baccarin and Ben McKenzie in the “A Dark Knight: One Bad Day” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, May 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

In The Narrows, Gordon wakes up sore just as Lee walks into the room. Turns out that Nygma’s people followed Gordon and found him after the blast. What surprises her though is that Nygma chooses to save Gordon rather than killing him. Anyway, Gordon thinks he is patched up enough to try and save the city. He took some schematics from Jeremiah’s office right before the blast and wants to give them to the GCPD. But Lee only takes the schematics and leaves Gordon to get some more rest. Back at the main part of Lee’s club, Nygma thinks that she has lost her mind for wanting to help Gordon save the city. Nygma wants to hold Gordon hostage in return for something, while Lee wants to figure out Jeremiah’s plan and then trade the info for clemency to help get The Narrows back on its feed. Nygma still doesn’t agree with the plan, but still follows along.

Back at the GCPD, Fox has got the schematics from the Wayne Enterprises R&D Lab which will help them to determine how to disarm the bombs. The bombs have a single device (a core relay) that connects them all. So, destroy the core relay and none of the bombs will detonate. Somewhere else in Gotham, Bruce asked Selina to come along to the address Jeremiah gave him. She heads to the roof while he walks in. At first, there is nothing to be seen or heard there, but then a giant screen turns on showing videos of Alfred being tortured.

Jeremiah has a handheld screen with which he can access the security cameras to check on Bruce. Once he sees that Bruce is inside the building, he orders one of his goons to pass the message that Alfred needs to be killed since he is now no longer of any use. When Jeremiah arrives at the location of where his core relay is hidden, he is surprised with the sight of Penguin, Barbara, Tabitha, Butch and his follower that Penguin and Butch tortured. Jeremiah’s follower is holding the core relay while having a grenade in his mouth, ready to go off as soon as Penguin would pull the wire. In order to get his core relay back, Penguin demands 50 million dollars. Their plan is quite simple, they want Jeremiah to call the mayor and offer him another hour to save more citizens out of Gotham, in return for the 50 million dollars. The money he will give to them and he can have his core relay back to continue to destroy Gotham. With this construction, Jeremiah will look like the criminal, while the rest will be out of the wind. What Jeremiah doesn’t know is that Penguin never intends to return the core relay but wants to hand him over to the GCPD and be welcomed as heroes. Jeremiah is reasonable and calls the mayor, but he is ‘being put on hold’. He sneaks behind some crates, gets a rocket launcher and shoots his follower holding the core relay. Jeremiah had a backup plan all along. The bombs will also work in direct sequence and now wants to destroy the city as soon as he is far enough out of the blast zone. He runs out of the building, but not before ordering his followers to ‘kill the idiots’.


GOTHAM: L-R: Erin Richards, Drew Powell and Jessica Lucas in the “A Dark Knight: One Bad Day” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, May 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

Bruce walks deeper into the warehouse where he keeps seeing more and more images of Alfred being tortured. This is followed by Jeremiah’s voice telling him that it only takes one bad day to free his insanity. To free it in Bruce, he needs to lose everyone and everything he holds dear. Scarecrow has mixed up a special gas for him that is being distributed through the warehouse.

Back in The Narrows, Gordon needs to help Nygma with figuring out what Jeremiah’s plans are. Nygma tries to throw him off guard by telling that he and Lee are now together. Gordon doesn’t have the reaction Nygma wanted, because he doesn’t seem to care. Gordon thinks that Lee would never be with him unless she needs something from him. After they have settled their argument, they discover that Jeremiah plans to create a maze out of Gotham. The bombs will destroy buildings and lets them fall a certain way to create the maze. As soon as the two of them have figured it out, Gordon wants to leave to report the findings to the GCPD. But Nygma won’t let him before he and Lee can give the information to the mayor. Gordon then distracts Nygma and knocks him out in order to escape.

Penguin, Barbara, Tabitha and Butch are still in a gunfight with Jeremiah’s goons. Once they have shot them all, Penguin calls Bullock to tell him that Jeremiah is planning to detonate the bombs as soon as he can. While Bullock is on the phone with Penguin, Fox comes in and tells that if they disarm the first bomb, the rest of the bombs will not go off. Then suddenly it’s like they see a ghost because Gordon casually walks into the CGPD with the locations of all the bombs. Bullock joins the bomb squat to the nearest bomb from the GCPD.


GOTHAM: L-R: Donal Logue, Chris Chalk and Ben McKenzie in the “A Dark Knight: One Bad Day” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, May 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

In another part of Gotham, Selina has entered the building Bruce is in. She sees two of Jeremiah’s followers watching Bruce on the monitors. She wants to surprise them, but Scarecrow approaches her from behind and wants to spray her with some kind of gas. Selina is able to fight off the two followers and Scarecrow before the latter flees. Then she turns off the device that sprays the gas towards Bruce. Unfortunately, she is too late as Bruce already inhaled some of the gas, making him hallucinate. He is still walking through the building with Jeremiah talking and the images of Alfred being portrayed on the walls. Out of anger, he runs through a door and he enters a room where Alfred is sitting in a doctors chair. Alfred is madly laughing due to the insanity gas where we still see the traces of. Then he gets a razor out of his pocket and starts to cut open the corners of his mouth in a permanent smile. All the while when Bruce is watching in horror. Selina is still in the control room and hears someone banging on a door. When she opens it, someone comes tumbling out. In the doctor’s room, Alfred starts to attack Bruce and they end up in a fight. Alfred has the upper hand and is ready to slice Bruce his throat when suddenly Alfred is shot and falls off the balcony. The shot came from the real Alfred who was the person locked in the closet. Selina tries to calm Bruce down by explaining that it was the fear gas and he was only seeing what Jeremiah wanted him to see. Alfred is still alive and he was fighting someone else who resembled Alfred.

In another part of Gotham, Bullock is at the scene of the first bomb. Because the bomb squat is still on their way he goes in alone. With Fox on the phone, he needs to deactivate it while the rest of the GCPD is listening in. Fox tells him that there should be a killswitch underneath the antenna. But when Bullock opens the bomb, he sees not one but two switches! To his luck, he removes the right switch right as Jeremiah flips the switch. Meanwhile, Jeremiah is at a safe distance in a bunker with a handful of his followers, ready to activate the bombs. They have a small TV in the bunker with the news channel where suddenly Gordon appears. In a special broadcast, Gordon tells that he is alive and is trying to appeal to Jeremiah’s followers that Jeremiah wasn’t entirely honest with them. His followers call him a liar, but he only finds them turning on him disappointing and predictable. He locks them up in the bunker before setting the room on fire. He walks out disappointed, while Bullock is being received at the GCPD like a hero.


GOTHAM: Ben McKenzie in the “A Dark Knight: One Bad Day” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, May 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

Back at The Sirens club, Barbara and Tabitha are pissed that Penguin’s plan failed. He is ordered to get out of the club and wants Butch to come along. But he refuses, to which Penguin claims that he is the only one who knows where Hugo Stange is hiding. Butch gets even more pissed at Penguin when he hears this. Someone else who is hiding is Jeremiah. He has taken shelter in an abandoned church thinking how he got beaten and how they’ve figured out his plan. Suddenly a voice sounds in the church and it’s Ra’s al Ghul. Jeremiah tries to shoot him twice, but Ra’s is faster than him. Ra’s proposes that they start working together, because Ra’s saw the vision of Gotham in flames and knows that Jeremiah’s plan wasn’t only about Gotham, it was and is also about Bruce Wayne. In The Narrows, Gordon visits Lee to thank her for saving him. He also tells her that he doesn’t recognise her anymore, but that he still cares about her. Both don’t know that Nygma is listening in

Selina, Bruce and Alfred are back at Wayne Manor where Selina and Bruce share an intimate moment when they kiss. Selina is curious about why Jeremiah has such an interest in Bruce. Bruce thinks that the day his parents died made him somewhat insane and Jeremiah wants to bring out the rest as well. Besides, all it takes is one bad day for someone to go insane. Then suddenly Jeremiah walks in and shoots Selina in the stomach before Alfred works him to the ground while Bruce worries about Selina.

That was already the end of this episode! I can’t wait for the season finale though! I mean, what will happen to Selina and how will the partnership between Ra’s al Ghul and Jeremiah play out? But most importantly, what will remain of Gotham or will it be a No Man’s Land?