In the previous episode, we saw the internal battles Sabrina had to deal with that involved her earth life and dark life. The surprise visit from Mr. Blackwood was to ensure Sabrina that her dark baptism is a ceremony to their world and their people which brings us to this episode, Sabrina says that she isn’t an evil person as a way of suggesting that she doesn’t have to sign her name in the book of the beast. She also brought up the encounter between her and the weird sisters in which they suggested that her parent’s death wasn’t accidental. Her parent’s died from an “accidental” plane crash also comes off as fishy if other witches have a sense that it wasn’t an accident. Father Blackwood was Sabrina’s father’s mentor, but he surpassed him as a high priest before his tragic passing. Sabrina then constantly sought out an outside opinion which her aunt Hilda provided. Hilda’s confession of doubts was a little too much though as her sister Zelda won’t quite fond of the news. Zelda then killed Hilda and buried her in the yard until she awoke again. I honestly didn’t think that was something to really kill her over. Even if I did have the option to kill someone knowing that they would come back to life, I wouldn’t do it because I would feel pretty bad about it. Other brutalities in the episode included the continuous bullying of Susie. The football players were caught tearing down Sabrina’s WICCA posters when Susie attacked one of the boys. The brawl ended with Susie getting a black eye and school suspension.

Revenge came back to the boys when Sabrina summoned the weird sisters again to punish the mortal boys. This scene was quite hilarious has the women created the illusion that they were making out with them when they were actually making out with each other. Hopefully, they will have a newfound respect for women. Aside from the football douches, Ambrose discovered marks on a body that warns the presence of a witch hunter. It was brought up to Father Blackwood, but he ensured that there wasn’t anything to fear from this. Sabrina wore her mother’s wedding dress as her ceremonial attire for her dark baptism and Susie’s Halloween party. I believe that Sabrina felt like she needed to stay with her friends and boyfriend for much more reasons than a way to stop bullying, She is half mortal which mean she has human feelings. I think the witches find that hard to understand since they aren’t in her shoes, After a brutal killing from Zelda. Hilda recovers her mistakes by encouraging Sabrina to go through with the dark baptism with pride. Ms. Wardwell is was also doing the best that she could to make sure Sabrina went through with the dark baptism. She was also the one who insisted that she should find someone to align herself with to stop Susie’s bullies. So far it is still unclear who this woman really is and what she is active in Sabrina’s life so much, but hopefully, it will be revealed soon.

Her friends threw her an amazing birthday bash which made it harder for her to face her fate at the end of the night. Under the blood moon, Sabrina recited her satanic verse and was baptized with mortal blood by Father Blackwood. Her desire to have free will caused her not to sign the book of the beast. It was frowned upon by her aunts and other witches who wished for her to live under the dark lord’s way, She withheld from signing the book because she saw a dark place in her head every time she thought about writing her name. Horrible images appeared in her head and it only made her want to escape more, Meanwhile, the mystery woman as Ms.Wardwell apologizes to the beast for Sabrina not signing the book, but I want to know why is it such a priority of hers if she has a sort of hatred towards her father. I believe that everyone including members of her coven lied about who her father was as a person to push her towards the dark side. Her father has to be someone more different than what everyone else describes him.