In the previous episode towards the ending, we saw that Father Blackwood’s challenge for Sabrina has been conquered. She was told that if she so happened to solve her father’s Acheron puzzle, she would be granted the classes of her wishes. Originally, I thought it would take her a few episodes to find the clues she needs to solve it, but Sabrina fooled us all with her intelligence once again. Not only did she solve the puzzle, but she pretty much is the smartest kid in her school. If the intelligent Nicolas couldn’t solve it or Father Blackwood who was originally Sabrina’s father mentor, she is going to be known as one of the brilliant witches to attend the academy since her father. After watching the puzzle unfold and release a red substance of ashes, a very UGLY demon appeared at her door causing her to scream (So did I, looking at that butt ugly thang!). In the beginning, I thought that the demon is placed in the puzzle was a trap by Father Blackwood because he has attempted to scare Sabrina at school and challenge her, but the demon revealed that it was Sabrina’s father that trapped her. Poor puzzle for holding such a hideous creature. If I had to do that demon’s makeup, I think I would’ve cried. Her voice made me want to run my head to in a wall. It sounds like a thousand people say they’re but on her tongue. You get the point, the woman has been beaten with an ugly stick, broom, mop, hammer, and lawn mower. Imagine Halloween every day, that’s what she looks like.

After informing her aunts about the demon, the Spellman family became victims of a horrible nightmare. In return for peaceful, the demon known as Batibat wanted freedom from their home, Sabrina’s plan to trap her again was a little harder than expected as the demon played mind games with the Spellmans. In Sabrina’s nightmare, she is among many whom she trusts and her boyfriend Harvey. She is dealing with the pressure from both peers from both schools, In the dream, Nicholas tried to pursue Sabrina, but her love for Harvey wouldn’t allow it. The weird sisters were also in the mix of course, but she taught them a lesson remember? One of Sabrina’s biggest fear became the breaking point in her dream. She told Harvey that she was a witch, but he came with backup. She was forced into a pain chamber receiving hurtful comments by Harvey. In her mind, telling Harvey that she is a witch is a big mistake anyway. I feel like regardless of what happens in reality, Harvey will love Sabrina as she is already. Harvey knowing that she is a witch would make them closer because they are able, to be honest. With everything that Harvey has already seen from Susie’s uncle Jesse, I don’t think it would be as hard to accept. Plus her friend and boyfriend would be more understanding if she had to attend the Academy and would also be more supportive as she is to them. These are a good reaction, but Batibat made them her worst nightmare. No one is able to sleep until she is free.

On to Zelda’s nightmare, but sometimes she can be a nightmare herself. In her nightmare, she is reading the satanic version of Adam and Eve to little school children. Of course, Zelda feels like she owes her life to the Dark Lord and plans to serve him in pleasant ways. Besides reading, she planned a Dark Lord dining with Hilda. This was a real nightmare for me as we saw she served a plump child of the night. So, apparently, the recipe for cooked children is lots of literature and food. If you offer me literature and food I would love you forever, but not enough to be someone’s dinner. Hilda offered the dark lord some scrumptious looking vegetable, but he declined. Zelda’s dish being chosen over Hilda’s was just something else that Zelda could rub in her face. The celebrating then ended when Zelda killed Hilda (Again), but this time she isn’t going to get back up. All of those time she humiliated Hilda scared her into guilt. She knows that she hasn’t always been good to her sister, but it would be her worst nightmare knowing that she could possibly kill her and not return. I think it’s pretty insane to kill someone and bury them even if you know they would be alive again. Killing without a consequence is just a heartless act itself. I questioned why Hilda never got back at Zelda for what she did to her, but I realized that Hilda is just a sweet witch. She wishes not to do any harm even to her loved ones. It doesn’t seem like she ever even attempted to kill Zelda after she has done so to her so many time. Hilda doesn’t need to kill her though, because that’s what the guilt did in her nightmares.

All members of the family suffered at the hands of Batibat it was up to Sabrina to stop the madness. With the guidance of Ms. Wardwell also known as “The Mother Of All Demons”. In the previous episode, Ms. Wardwell snooped through the Spellman’s home to place a spell on Sabrina’s mirror. This gave her the ability to keep a close eye on Sabrina and that is how she saw Batibat. Batibat was warned by her but didn’t care to take her advice. After figuring out how she is able to channel herself into the nightmares, she tells Ambrose, Zelda, and Hilda for help out of their nightmares. Voodoo dolls were used to wake Sabrina from her nightmare, but the nightmare was still walking that is Batibat. In the end, Sabrina was able to cast the right spell with the help of her family, to put away Batibat and decided to get an explanation from Ms. Wardwell. It is hard to believe that this woman is trustworthy, but she has had Sabrina’s back. I noticed that in every nightmare the song ‘Dream A Little Of Me’ kept plating. I wonder why would they give such a soft song to a hard looking demon. I felt like she needed a scarier theme song to match her scary looking face.