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Review of The Resident – Season 2 Episode 3

With Nic and Conrad reflecting on the past, the two try and save the future of a newly wedded couple.

Welcome back to The Resident. I do apologize about being a bit behind in the reviews, work had me traveling a bit to support the stores affected by the Hurricane. But, I digress- Let’s get back on track and catch up on The Resident.

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It seems my posting schedules aren’t the only things affected by natural events. Chastain is running low on Saline. Dr. Bell believes he has a solution, going into the development of his own Saline consortium with other hospitals. Marshall is against the idea, but the board supports it. Randolph plans to approach some CEOs with his idea and Marshall wants to go as well. During the meeting, Winthrop crashes and calls out the CEOs for having financial strife and would not be able to offer much funding to the Saline consortium. Even though Randolph is good at surgery and talking to people, he isn’t a businessman. Dr. Bell isn’t swayed, and during a conference, he asks if anyone will join him and create a change. On the flight home, Marshall calmly tells Dr. Bell while was networking with other CEOs, he bought a factory and would begin producing Saline as soon as it was finished being set up. Randolph is clearly shaken, thinking it is a personal attack, but Marshall only is looking at the business side of the saline production.

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Brianna and John are a newlywed couple. They are a bit.. unusual, having discussions instead of disagreements, calling is minimization conflict. I am a firm believer in discussion over arguments, but some fights you have to get passionate about. I rather speak heatedly versus quiet calm voices. It seems Brianna has had a liver transplant from John, and they are worried about an organ rejection. Fluid is building up around her heart, and they need to drain it. It seems, whatever Brianna has, John does too. He starts crashing and ends up hospitalized as well. When a rash develops around John’s genitals, Brianna flips, claiming he must have cheated on her during their honeymoon. See, before John donated his liver, he cheated on Brianna. After her diagnosis, he donates his organ and purposes to her. Nic is reluctant to believe John has changed, but Conrad believes their illnesses is not from an STD. Suddenly, John begins to get worse than Brianna, much to everyone’s confusion. Based on his lungs, it seems he has had the disease longer than Brianna. Turns out they had a condition called chronic silicosis because they made pottery in their own house, but poor ventilation sent it back in the house. John didn’t get hit as hard until later because she had the surgery and a weaker immune system, and the volcanic ash from Hawaii on their honeymoon. With surgery and rest, they should be fine. The episode ends with them waking up together, saying they aren’t going anywhere. Aw… love exists!

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Meanwhile, AJ and Devon have their own cases to deal with. Devon is dealing with a malfunctioning defibrillator. Julia from QuoVadis returns to test the device for issues and notices it is misfiring. Devon begins to question if the installation of the device might be worse for his health versus waiting to see if he would just have a heart attack and be treated then. Julia closes him down, but seeing as she has been in a few episodes now, I think I see the main story arch developing. Julia apologizes, having been passionate about her job. Devon doesn’t mind, though she does offer to teach him some Bollywood, seeing as she is an ex-dancer before her hip replacement. Devon takes her offer, and in a waiting room, they slow dance, to see how Devon moves. Unfortunately, Mina sees them. I hope she asks Devon what was up, instead of jumping to conclusions.

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AJ and Bell go toe to toe. AJ doesn’t like using the Titian on surgeries, but Bell knows it’s better for billing and threatens to fire AJ. Mina thinks it is because he doesn’t know how to use the machine, but in a might of skills, he shows he is more than capable. He just hates robotics being between him and the patient. At one point, AJ talks with Conrad about going against Bell, but Conrad’s advice was not what AJ expected- Only keep your stance if you are willing to lose everything. AJ ends up keeping his stance. He wonders if he is going to be fired, but Mina says if he was fired, he would have been fired right then and there.

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I do love how this episode does talk about Nic and Conrad’s history. From day one they were always bumping heads but have a passion for helping people above protocol. When Conrad invites her on a date, she cuts him off, telling him a day and time. It seems over the years of dating, Conrad and Nic have had some issues. Nic had a miscarriage once. They are the worst, and puts stress on any couple, especially if the pregnancy was a surprise like Nic implied. Conrad doesn’t seem so torn up with the loss, only wanting Nic to get better. It could be just him bottling his emotions. The straw that broke Nic’s resolve is when at the 404 Tavern, where they first met, a man touches her inappropriately, and Conrad locks himself in the bathroom with the dude and kicks his butt. She blows up on him, saying how he always randomly goes off the handle and scares her. I’m glad we saw the past, and how Conrad really is trying to be a better person. Nic is worried they only got back together because of everything else and normacy was needed. Conrad says he has changed, and goes far as to approach his father and offer an olive branch in hopes people do change.

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