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In an episode filled with potential romance (ship name Chimdie? Madchi?), 9-1-1 reminded us that sometimes the helpers become the helpless.

As Maddie settled into her new apartment, her PTSD and anxiety crept into her sleeping patterns and it began to effect her work. As she took a somewhat quiet call-the person wouldn’t give their name, location or even really talk-her flashbacks to her own former life filled with domestic violence came back with a vengeance.

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company

As for our favorite members of the LAFD, they’re called out to an emergency involving a news helicopter landing in a baseball field. After saving the day, the team heads back to enjoy a plethora of baked goods, courtesy of appreciative citizens of L.A. after the earthquake. As they unwind, the news crew they saved informs Bobby that they’ll be shadowing the team, showing the heroes of the LAFD in action. Bobby is naturally reticent but what the fire chief (i.e. el jefe) wants, the fire chief gets. And the fire chief wants a glowing spotlight on station 118.

The calls start out somewhat benign (but let’s call a spade a spade, the bug-eating contest was disgusting) and you can just see the wheels spinning in the news anchor’s head as she tries to spin a narrative. Taylor the anchor gets her opportunity when some of the team eat fudge laced with LSD. The effects are primarily…hilarious. Díaz and Buck being freaked out by “all the tiny ladies” at a toddlers and tiaras event will never not be funny while Hen seeing Athena’s beating, glowing heart on top of her head was both poetic and chuckle-worthy.

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company

But the one affected the most was the one with the biggest stake in the game: Bobby and his sobriety. As his LSD trip started out light and fun, it turned into something deeper and exceptionally painful. Bobby saw his dead daughter. Was able to communicate with her and ultimately almost fell from the roof trying to “float away with her.”

The one who understood the most was Athena. As she said, he didn’t fall off of the wagon, he was shoved. And the things that happened weren’t his fault. It’s a testament to the couple’s care for each other that Athena knew what to say and Bobby knew to accept it.

And as for poor, heartsick Buck? After thinking he had a bit of a crush on news anchor Taylor, that was dashed when he found out she planned on using all of Bobby’s most vulnerable, high moments in her spotlight piece. The only reason she didn’t: thwarted by LAFD city attorneys. Where is Abby when a Buck needs her…

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