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Oliver must align with an old enemy to track down Diaz; Felicity’s attempts to root out Diaz are thwarted by Diggle, whose allegiance to ARGUS requires him to keep civilians like her on the outs; Felicity resolves to find a new way to go after Diaz.

After Oliver’s massive throw down on last week’s episode, he got himself locked up in solitary for a few days but on the bright side now no one will mess with him or his new buddy — Stanley aka “The Fan.” The only one not afraid of Ollie is the dick guard, Yorke.

With his new wealth of street cred in prison Ollie wants answers. Word in the yard is that Brick is the one who Diaz hired to get the thugs to jump Ollie in the shower. Brick tells him if he wants answers Oliver has to do him a favor. Brick wants Yorke gone.

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Stanley is Ollie’s new Felicity/Dig. The two of them cause a distraction to get their hands on a computer to find some dirt on Yorke. Unfortunately for them, Yorke is clean. Brick tells Ollie there is other ways to get rid of people and hands him a shiv.

Ollie doesn’t murder anymore or at least not people that don’t deserve it. During a cell check Ollie tries to reason with Yorke and warn him that someone is out to get him. Yorke continues to be a dick and does not listen to Oliver.

Oliver is out of time and there is only one thing left for him to do. Oliver confront Yorke during dinner, argues with him and stabs himself — successfully framing Yorke and getting rid of him.

Meanwhile on the outside, Diggle, Rene, Felicity, Dinah and Curtis are hanging out ARGUS at the same time the Longbow Hunters — Red Dart, the Silencer and Kodiak break into an ARGUS facility and steal something.

The trio stole Prototype B-24 or as Curtis calls it, a “super battery.” Of course, ARGUS is after them but the head of ARGUS only cares about the battery not Diaz or the Longbow Hunters.

Felicity has never been good at listening and now she’s doing what she does best. She might be getting Curtis fired but oh well, she wants to find Diaz. Curtis and her where able to track the location of the battery and with the help of Rene they are on the hunt. All they found was ARGUS and Diggle was not happy.

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Apparently, the battery can be used as a city destroying weapon and Dig isn’t too happy that an employee — Curtis, is jeopardizing their search by working with Felicity. This makes Felicity angry. She thinks he has abandoned Oliver. He hasn’t he is just doing his job.

As expected Curtis was able to track the weapon. It’s on a train. Weapons on a train, classic.  Dig leads a team to infiltrate the train while Felicity and Curtis work the comms. Two members of the Hunters are there and Diaz. So, obviously a fight breaks out.

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Dig is in pursuit of Diaz. The Dragon whips out a flame thrower, very fitting. Diggle is able to maneuver around him and disarm him. The fight breaks up he must make a difficult decision. He has Felicity disconnect one the train cars. Two Hunters and Diaz get away leaving Diggle and ARGUS with the battery. The day is saved for now.

Felicity isn’t thrilled with that decision but understands it was for the greater safety. She can’t do that anymore. She leaves ARGUS and sets out to team up with Watson to take down Diaz once and for all.

During all this Dinah and Laurel are having a solo adventure. Dinah has been placed under police protection but keeps slipping them so, Dinah takes over. This leads to Dinah following Laurel to where she thinks Diaz is. He isn’t there, but the Silencer is. An interesting fight breaks out — she has a device that eliminates sound. Once the two screamers team up they are able to break her device and send her flying — she ends up escaping though. They didn’t really do anything but they’re kinda friends no or at least share a mutual respect. Laurel official apologized for killing Vinny so that is a start.

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In the future we catch up with Roy and William hanging out around the fire. William shares with Roy that Felicity and Oliver left him. He found a tracker in the Arrowhead and it lead him here — he figured that Felicity wanted him to do that. Roy recommends he leaves, finding answers will only lead to pain. William isn’t about that. Roy thinks he can help then and the two start digging elsewhere. They find a crate with Oliver’s bow. There is a message with it. Roy reads it and burns. He tells William they have to go to Star City.

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