Hello Everyone! So we’ve made it to Gotham episode 11, and JUST NEXT WEEK is the midseason Finale! I’m not sure I’m ready to go on Hiatus with this show just yet, but unfortunately the producers of Gotham have yet to answer my unnecessarily needy phone calls.So, I suppose for now, I’ll do with talking to you lovely lot about the most recent episode, “Son of Gotham.”We’re going to start out with what happens to Theo Galavan. As you well know, he’s been arrested, and his trial is coming quickly. Upon appearing at his hearing, Jim Gordon absolutely loses it when Mayor James changes his story. Mayor James was supposed to get on the stand and confess that Theo kept him captive, tortured him, and put a box on his head. But, he chickened out of it and claimed that it was Oswald CobblePot who did those things to him, and threatened to kill him if he didn’t say that Theo did it. Because of this technicality, Theo was released and all charges against him dropped.Jim started out his day by burying the officer who, in episode 10, got her throat torn away by Cannibal Eduardo. He persuades Captain Barnes to keep him on Theo’s case, as there are heavy ties to the Monks that are attacking and murdering various people. Jim discovers that they’ve been using the sewers to travel unseen through Gotham, and carry our their malicious plans. He manages to trick one of the Monks into giving up a few secrets before the Monk realizes he’s not talking to one of his “Brothers.” So far they’ve learned that the monks are actually known as the Order Of Dumas, which could bring to light some heavy connections to Batman’s future rival/prodigy Azrael. After blowing up during Theo Galvan’s hearing, Jim is escorted out by two police officers, who are actually monks of the order. They knock him out and kidnap him. After Theo and Jim try to kill each other for a while, Theo knocks him down and lets the Monks beat on him. Penguin arrives after hearing Theo’s been released, but to no avail. Moments later, Theo is shown arriving at Bruce Wayne’s house. When Bruce asks what he’s doing there, Theo finally reveals his plans to terminate the youngest Wayne boy.Bruce, on the other hand, has shown us just how deceptive he can be. He and Selina Kyle have finally come to their senses and teamed up to reveal Silver St. Cloud for the sneaky little turd that she is. To convince Silver to reveal her secrets, Bruce tells her how much he cares about her, and how since they’ve met, he’s felt nothing but a strong connection to her. After hearing this, she agrees and goes off to meet her Uncle. Later that afternoon, after school has ended, Bruce walks to meet Silver and finds she’s been kidnapped. The Kidnappers tell Bruce to get in the van without making a sound or she will die. Of course, noble Bruce does as he’s ordered, and later wakes up tied to a chair.The kidnappers are with the board at Wayne Enterprises, and wants to know why Theo knows so much, how he find out, and how much he told the two. Bruce, knowing nothing, claims the truth, but Silver does know and says nothing. So the kidnapper takes Bruce into the other room, and returns moments later with a blood-stained towel. Silver, finally sick of the bull, drops the innocent acts and threatens the kidnapper with death. He grabs her hand and moves to cut her thumb off, before finally releasing the name “M. Malone.”


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Bruce and Selina walk out of the other room, both unscathed. Silver finds that this was all part of Bruce’s clever plan to get her to talk. I was ridiculously impressed, Kudos to David Mazouz for that particular tidbit of acting. After escorting him home, Selina asks Bruce if he meant what he said to Silver. He says yes, but that he didn’t mean it toward her. Selina, uncomfortable with the situation, decides to steal Bruce’s car and leave.

And finally we’re left with Alfred! Concerned about the young master’s whereabouts, Alfred goes to inspect Theo’s penthouse and finds Tabitha waiting. The two get into it, and literally every single person fell in love with Alfred when he caught Tabitha’s whip in mid air. I’m just saying was that not the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen? He manages to knock Tabitha down, but takes a knife to the rib cage. Escaping down the elevator, he tries to catch a ride on the back of a dump truck, but Tabitha runs down just in time to throw a knife into his back. He falls into the back of the truck and it’s the last we see of him.


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By Far it’s one of my absolute favorite episodes, if only because we finally get to see how far Bruce can go to get his answers. (And that whip catch let’s be real here.)

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