This episode continued to play on anti-alien sentiments, with President Marsden stepping down after her exposure. I honestly wish we could have gotten a glimpse of Cat Grant in the White House during this soft meetup between Supergirl and the President. But alas, the wonderful actress Calista Flockhart lives too far away to film for the show in Vancouver.

Supergirl pauses a skirmish between pro-alien and anti-alien supporters after the gate is knocked down. She prevents everyone from being maimed as she caught the American flag on the pole before it fell down.

Back in National City, James is confronted by Nia regarding Catco’s response towards the contentious amounts of anti-Alien sentiment. She thinks the editor should respond with an editorial, providing insight into what the publication feels about aliens and their place on earth. But James declines.

The hacking of Lena Luthor’s image inducers during Kara’s meetup with her friend causes stress. She discovers that Mercy was formerly a security advisor working for Lex, which is why it made sense she’d be familiar enough with L-Corp’s system to figure out how to hack the devices.

It was terrible to witness the thought of so many aliens having their true identities forcibly revealed to the world, opening themselves up to prejudicial treatment. I can relate in the sense that they’re so much contentious political discourse surrounding prejudice towards transgender and Jewish people in the United States.

I loved bearing watch Lena take such scrupulous care of Kara as she moved throughout the building. The struggle was real when Kara was trying for an escape route to change into her Supergirl persona and help save the day.

I hope to see more of Nia’s blossoming friendship with Brainy. Her being vulnerable about being trans as a means to relate with Brainy as he spiralled. The pizza guy was a jerk and Nia’s feistiness helped the situation move along. Plus the DEO Agents got lots of pizza. So that was cool.

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