Its that time of year again, some love it and some hate it, its Halloween ladies and gentlemen. Bob’s Burgers is no stranger to Halloween specials with an outstanding six (now seven) episodes dedicated to the holiday. Included are fun costumes, a decorating competition, and a candy mystery.

Bob's Burgers (Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street 4)

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First off, I just want to say my favorite Belcher costumes for the year goes to Louise for her dragon with the girl tattoo (a fun little reverse on a certain series). Moving on, this weeks episode was packed full of excitement as we followed our trick-or-treaters Tina, Gene, Louise and friends on a Halloween mystery. The Belcher family starts their preparations by dawning their unique costumes and decorating. As the kids make comments on how their parents aren’t putting enough effort into their decoration attempt compared to others, in walks Teddy. Our friendly, burger-loving handyman tries to casually bring up how he told another handyman, whom he is currently rivaling with, how he was offering his services to the Belchers with their decorating this year. On that note, the kids set out to earn their candy for the season with no intention of giving it up. All goes well until Andy, Ollie, regular sized Rudy, and Darryl, one by one, approach the trio stating that their candy was stolen by variously costumed thieves.

Bob's Burgers (Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street 2)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

(Due to the numerous back and forth between storylines in this episode, I decided to write about Bob and Teddy first then the kids)

Bob and Teddy continue their arms race with Glenn the nice smelling handyman. Just as they managed to catch up with his original, outstanding decoration he once again provides another spooky trinket. This new addition is enough to make Teddy admit defeat until Bob steps in and prompts him to continue. In another twist, this new alteration ends up destroying both displays much to the disappointment of both these handymen.

The owner of the store (which Glenn was decorating) soon comes out and informs Bob and Teddy that Glenn only tiered so hard to impress Teddy, seeing him as someone to look up to in the business, going so far as to come out of pocket for his creations. Teddy, feeling honored and a new found like for Glenn, reaches out to him and the two seem to achieve a kind of kinship. I found this to be endearing as these two manage to make peace and establish a sort of respect. The fact that Gleen has been stealing work from Teddy makes me question his intentions only a little but I think these two could make good friends. Fans like Teddy and it’s too early to say if Glenn will be making any more appearances but I hope we see him at least once more this season. With that being said, its time to redirect our attention to the trick or treaters.

Tina, Gene, and Louise are now desperate to keep their candy safe from the thieves prowling their street who have already victimized their friends. Unfortunately, these efforts are to no avail as our musician Gene becomes the next victim of this tragedy. The kids are becoming more cautious as Ocean Avenue proves to be the targeted area. They continue their efforts by moving forward with trick or treating but eventually all loss their candy bags.

The kids manage to track down the candy thieves to the Mutilation Mansion (the local haunted house attraction). After some suspense and a scare, Tina and Gene play the heroes and tackle a gorilla. The gorilla turns out to be Dr. Yap (the Belchers dentist) and in a twist, he was the only one stealing kids candy that night. Confused about his actions, they ask why a dentist, who would profit from kids eating to much candy, chooses to prevent them from having any on this Halloween. Earlier in the episode, a flyer by Dr. Yap is mentioned saying he will pay cash for candy and now we learn it is an offer that is always ignored. He states that he doesn’t want to spend his time filling cavities but going out to do things like skiing. I thought this was a ridiculous reason for risking the loss of your clientele and potential profit that lets you afford to go skiing but Dr. Yap has proven in the past to be someone a little ridiculous (after all he once beat himself up and shaved his head to keep a prank war going). They try to interrogate him into telling them where he took their candy but he refuses to budge. Although, in an attempt to sound evil, conniving or something like that, Dr. Yap gives away the fact that he sent for their candy to be incinerated. Thankfully, the children manage to rescue all the candy stolen from that night as the incinerator worker is sympathetic to their plight.

They continue to spread the cheer by returning all the candy that was stolen much to the delight of everyone, ending this week’s installment on a positive note.

Bob's Burgers (Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street 3)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

If you’re like me, Halloween is only made more special with specials like these. If you really want to set the mood for a light evening of scares and laughs, maybe you should think about adding this to your watch list. While the story had a few holes and question marks, I still say it is still decent enough to entertain those who watch it. Bob’s Burgers continues it’s honored tradition of giving us specials like these to make our seasons more interesting and I hope there is a Thanksgiving one around the corner (as it is Bob’s favorite holiday).

Thank you for reading and be sure to leave a like or comment on what you thought of this episode or how you celebrate Halloween. Happy Holidays and stay nerdy.