I try not to get engrossed in what the media says about a television show before I watch it for myself, it’s the narcist in me I suppose, but I couldn’t help but see a plethora of postings for The Haunting of Hill House. I was told I would be so terrified that I would soil myself, in one way or another, and have terrible nightmares for weeks. Jokes on them, I constantly have dreadful nightmares, and I was willing to put it all on the line, risk my sanity for the sake of this blog posting. I was willing to tango with death to write this! However, The Haunting of Hill House just made me depressed. I wasn’t puking in fear, I didn’t wet my pants, I just cried.

the haunting of hill house stairs

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From here on out, I’m bound to accidentally spill a few spoilers therefore, if you haven’t already finished the series, I recommend skipping the rest of this article. Before you inevitably leave please note, it’s a great series. The acting is seamless, and I adored the unique storyline. I highly recommend it to anyone with a Netflix subscription whether they are a fan of the horror genre or not. Just be sure to keep the tissue box close and prepare to binge. Nothing could keep me away from The Haunting of Hill House, I literally watched it every second I got, at school, at home, in the car, it didn’t matter. I needed to walk the path of twists and turns to see where it led me. The Haunting of Hill House was the best Netflix show I watched all October.


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Now it’s time for the nitty-gritty. Remember I mentioned there could be spoilers? They’ll be around here somewhere. The Haunting of Hill House filled me with childlike wonder from the beginning. I was immediately hooked when I saw the gorgeous house. It was magnetic, left me wondering what could possibly be scary about this house? That is until the doors started shaking and the children started screaming. This reminded me that not everything is as it seems and to keep my eye out for surprises.

The Haunting of Hill House backyard

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As the program went on I jumped a few times, especially when dead Nelly screamed at her sisters in the car, her makeup was flawless by the way. Often, shows skimp on this aspect, however, The Haunting of Hill House made sure all the dead looked the part. Bent-neck lady was positively scary, that make-up team should really be proud of their work. Along with the costume crew, the period outfits looked realistic and captured the authenticity of their respective periods.

come home nell from the haunting of the hill house

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The Haunting of Hill House was heavily family-oriented and created a storyline that felt real. The biggest tear-jerker was when Oliva, in her sad dreamlike state, offered the children tea. I yelled at the screen begging her not to, fearing the worst, but at the same time, I also wasn’t sure what would happen. Abigail wasn’t real, I hadn’t seen her before, right? I cried alongside Oliva after she realized what she did. I cried with Luke when his family ties were burning and when Nelly lost her husband. When Theo lost her empathic powers and Shirley had to work on Nelly’s body, I cried. I especially cried when it ended, and Hugh, Olivia, and Nelly were united.

red door haunting of the hill house

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The Haunting of Hill House has wonderful cinematics, a unique storyline, and a killer soundtrack. I adored everything about this series and I hope to see these actors in other Netflix originals. My only complaint is that The Haunting of Hill House is the saddest show I have seen in many years. I wanted to be so scared I wet the bed, not stain my pillowcase with tears.