*Spoiler warning for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 4 finale.

Well, it happened. Legends of Tomorrow had its season finale, and it was just as weird as it always is. After last episode, the Legends are stuck with all of the monsters on their ship, and have to find a new way to take down Neron and free Charlie. Let’s just say the plan doesn’t go so smoothly.

The first thing that happens is that Zari and Nate realize they have to go get their dragon egg back from 9-year-old Zari. They go to the playground after school, and find out that the egg has already hatched, and baby dragon Wuxtible (who is super cute by the way) is dancing for the amusement of a bunch of kids. Things go down hill however, when a teacher sees the dragon and alerts Neron’s evil “Eyes” app. As soon as she does, two of Neron agents jump through a portal and grab the dragon, before Zari and Nate even have time to react.

Zari and Wuxtible on Legends of Tomorrow

Zari shows baby Wuxtible off to her classmates on Legends of Tomorrow. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

Neron, masquerading as Ray, goes to Capitol Hill to testify about monsters and his new app. He and Tabitha plant Charlie in the form of a senator on the committee, and have her turn monstrous in the middle of the hearing. It isn’t long until she’s a miniature Tagumo (who’s still pretty big), and attacking everyone. If you don’t remember who Tagumo is, he’s a monster from episode 5, one of this season’s best episodes. (To refresh your memory on that episode, click here, because that episode becomes relevant in many ways in this finale.) Sara and Mick arrive on the scene, and Sara immediately realizes that the monster is Charlie, and she’s being controlled by Tabitha. Sara wrestles with her, and as soon as she’s able to separate Tabitha from her magical staff, Charlie turns back to normal. Sara, Mick, and Charlie escape, but so do Tabitha and Neron.

Over in hell, Nora sets out to find and rescue Constantine and Ray, which is what Gary wished her to do last episode since she’s the fairy godmother now. With the help of her new magic wand, she finds and rescues John from the torture pits, but the wand is limited and the two have to appeal to Astra to help them find Ray’s soul. She agrees, only because she had a lot more power before Neron became the big cheese in town, and she wants that power back.

After the attack at Capitol Hill, the people of DC are in a panic about monsters, and Neron and Tabitha use Tabitha’s staff to siphon the energy from all of the fear. Neron makes a video chat announcement in hell that he’s going to use that energy to open a doorway to hell, allowing the creatures to escape and create hell on Earth.

Tagumo on Legends of Tomorrow

Charlie in the form of Tagumo attacks Capitol Hill on Legends of Tomorrow. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

The Legends realize that they have to quell that fear, and Zari realizes that they need to show the world that monsters aren’t inherently scary. She shows the team a video of Wuxti dancing for those kids, and says that they just need to make that happen on a massive scale. This makes Nate realize that they have to fulfill Hank’s dream and build HeyWorld. If they invite people to an amusement park filled with magical creatures, maybe people won’t be so afraid of monsters. To speed up building the theme park, they decide to use Brigid’s book (from that same Tagumo episode) to write to park into existence. The book is supposed to be locked up in the Time Bureau, but luckily, Mick stole it a while ago.

Plan in place, Zari’s algorithm to try to change her family’s future finally turns something up. Gideon says that in one timeline, building HeyWorld leads to an era of peace and understanding between humans and magic. Because of that, the anti-metahuman act that persecuted Zari and her family never happens, and they happily live out the rest of their lives in Chicago. This only reaffirms to the team that this plan is headed in the right direction. To make sure that when Zari’s future changes that she still remembers her time with the Legends, Sara decides to leave her on the ship in the temporal zone so that the changes to the timeline don’t affect her. They also decide to have Zari hack into The Eyes app so that everyone who has it will see video footage from HeyWorld.

In hell, John, Nora, and Astra hatch a plan to get Ray’s soul. Since all souls in hell are represented by a token coin, and Ray’s is locked in Neron’s vault, they have to find a way into the vault to get it. They go to the bank, and convince the woman at the desk to let them into Neron’s vault, by claiming that John is a prisoner of Neron’s that Neron wants to torture when he gets back. They get into the vault, and Astra immediately takes some of the coins of the worst souls, and pockets them, Joseph Stalin and Caligula among them – this payday was her real reason for helping them. Nora finds Ray’s soul, and Astra transports the Nora and John into the cell Ray’s being tortured in.

Ray, as it turns out, is cell mates with Vandal Savage! – the villain from season 1. If that’s not a throwback, I don’t know what is. Apparently, Savage was sent to torture Ray, but the two got to talking and became really good friends, which is such a Ray thing to do. Ray tells them that the only reason he made a deal with Neron, is because Neron was going to kill Nate. Having fulfilled Gary’s wish, Nora, John, and Ray hold onto Nora’s wand, and it transports back to the ship. Unfortunately, without a body, Ray’s soul can only travel in coin form, and he turns back into a coin the second they leave hell. Gary tries to wish Ray’s soul back into his body, but the deal Ray made with Neron prevents that.

The Legends make a video ad of them dressed up like Supergirl, the Flash, and the Green Arrow to get people to come to HeyWorld (which explains that midseason sizzle trailer). When they tell John about their plan to open up HeyWorld to defeat Neron, Constantine is not on board. He wants to go with a different plan – to get Neron to kill Nate so that the deal is off, Neron is ejected from Ray’s body, and the world is saved. Sara, however, isn’t willing to lose another Legend, and shoots this alternative plan down.

Nate draws HeyWorld to life in Brigid’s magic book, and people flood into HeyWorld, excited to see superheroes and monsters. The Legends funnel everyone into a large circus tent where they’ve prepared a show with the monsters. Their talents are not well spent though, as the audience becomes bored by the Minotaur with a guitar, rather than the epic superhero vs. monster showdown they were promised. Things get much worse when Wuxti, magically transformed into a full grown dragon and controlled by Tabitha, roars into the tent. Tabitha and Neron plan to stir up so much fear in the crowd with the dragon that they’re able to open up the portal to hell right there. Tabitha tells Wuxti to burn everyone (for those counting, that’s the second show this month where a fierce silver-haired lady commands a dragon to roast everything, looking at you Game of Thrones), but kid-Zari steps in front of Wuxti and tells him to stop. She tells him to dance, and, still the baby dragon inside, Wuxti dances, and his tail knocks the staff out of Tabitha’s hand. Free of Tabitha’s control, Wuxti eats her, and then turns back into his baby dragon self.

Even though the threat from the dragon is over, it’s too late, Neron already has enough-fear energy, and he opens the portal to hell. Neron then turns and strangles John to death, but that is his fatal mistake. It wasn’t actually John, it was Nate with a glamour over him. Having killed Nate and broken the deal, Neron is ejected from Ray’s body. Now that Neron is vulnerable, John kills him, and the portal closes. Constantine returns Ray’s soul to his body. Zari arrives, having seen Nate die while on the ship, and decides that it’s worth the risk to her memories to try to come save him.

Nate’s soul meets his dad’s soul, who has a plan to help him. Hank inhabits Mick for a moment, and sings James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James,” which is something Hank sang in an earlier episode. The Minotaur starts playing the song, and everyone starts singing. Nora notices the staff starting to react, and they all realize that while fear can be energy, love can be energy too, and if they get enough people to sing with them, they could possibly generate enough energy to bring Nate back. They get the entire audience to stand and sing with them, and eventually it’s enough to bring Nate back to life, which is a little too sappy to me, but okay. Nate and Zari kiss, but because she’s not in the temporal zone, she disappears after a minute, and is replace by her brother who died in the other timeline. I guess in this alternate timeline he became a Legend instead of Zari, which is going to have consequences next season.

Of course, not everything is all well and perfect. Down in hell, Astra decides to cash in her coins that she took from Neron’s vault. It looks like she’s bringing the worst people in history back to life, so I guess that’s what the Legends will have to deal with next season, and Astra will be our new villain. This finale wasn’t quite as good as last season’s giant Beebo finale, but it was still wonderfully quirky. I really enjoyed the hell plot-line of this episode, as well as the callbacks to the Tagumo episode, but the HeyWorld final act didn’t really work for me. As Legends has been renewed for another season, I can’t wait to see with what they come up with next, and I think Astra will make a compelling villain.