Happy Halloween! Or at least, in this episode of Ghosted, Max and Leroy are celebrating the night of All Hallows’ Eve. I really liked this episode more than the last, because we got to see a bit more of the characters. I was worried they would jump right into Max’s relationship with his wife, but I am glad we got to see some Leroy, as well and partner growth.

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Leroy is trying to make it up to his old partner, and is going to take his son out trick-or-treating. Max invites himself. It turns out Jermaine, his partner’s son, is just using Leroy to go to a party. The Bureau calls, to investigate an attack, and things kinda snowball. Leroy and Max debate about the best way to address the party, and Jermaine gets bitten. He goes to the party, and infects the whole house. We get to see some of Leroy’s training as he takes down most of the house, though Max does stab one person. Well, stab with a dart to put them asleep until Annie and Barry (Amber Stevens West and Adeel Akhtar) can find a cure. Luckily, the tech group finds a cure, Captain Ava Lafrey somehow survives Halloween night without going mad, Max and Leroy bonds a bit more, and Jermaine gets home safely.

g ep 2 g

Courtesy © 2017 FOX

I do like that Annie and Barry are not just sideline characters, but actually played a big role this episode. I also liked how we saw more development between Leroy and Max, especially when they saved the day. I like the softness of Maxwell’s character, it brings Leroy’s out, but I think Leroy will be able to push Max to be tougher. All in all, cannot wait until next episode! Stay shiny, my friends!