Riverdale Season 3: Ep. 1 “Labor Day”

Season 3 of Riverdale premiered Wednesday night with Archie Andrews on trial for the murder of Cassidy Bullock. He was arrested at the end of season 2 for supposedly murdering Cassidy. With his mother as his defense attorney, Archie, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, receives news from the judge they won’t have a verdict until after labor day.

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Archie’sĀ friends, Betty, Veronica and Jug Head try to convince him to spend the weekend looking for any clues they can find to prove his innocence, but he just wants one last weekend with his friends having fun. Meanwhile Cheryl, fresh off a road trip with her girlfriend Tony, invites everyone to Thornhill to celebrate the close of summer.

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While Veronica pleads with her father to stop Archie from going to jail, Jug Head and his father are hard at work protecting Archie their own way. Jug Head’s father gives Archie a serpent tattoo so he will have a group to protect him in jail.

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Betty catches her mom Alice looking at her old diaries. When confronted, Alice starts talking about Edgar, the guru from the farm her sister ran away to when she was pregnant. Edger thinks Betty should burn her old diaries to free herself from the past, but she feels the farm is a cult and doesn’t want to get involved.

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While at Cheryl’s house party, Veronica talks to Josie who informs her where the jury members for Archie’s case are staying. She decides that if she can convince one jury member that her father is guilty and not Archie, it may cause a hung jury and give them more time to prove Archie’s innocents. When she arrives at the hotel dressed as a maid, she’s caught by a police officer who works for her father.

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Jug Head gets word that the Ghoulies have his dog, “Hot Dog”. He decides to go on a rescue mission with the help of Betty, Cheryl and a few other serpents. After scouting the house for several hours with no sign of anyone, Jug Head moves in to get the dog. Penny and the other Ghoulies show up and try to hurt Jug Head, but Cheryl shoots one of them with an arrow and they let him leave. Before they go, Penny says the north-side is now fair game.

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After a disturbing dream, Archie takes the newly rebuilt car he finished with his father and picks up his friends. They go to the old watering hole to swim and camp before his big trial the next day. Archie tries to break it off with Veronica to spare her pain, but she won’t let him.

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The day of Archie’s trial finally comes and the jury still can’t agree forcing a mistrial. Instead of putting his family and friends through another trial, Archie takes a deal for two years in a juvenile facility. They take him away in handcuffs. Meanwhile, Jug Head finds Dilton and another boy in the woods mixed up in some kind of ritual.

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The episode ends when Betty walks outside and sees her sister and mother holding the babies near a fire. When they let go, the babies seem to float upwards as Betty falls down and begins to seize.

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Season 3 gears up to be one of the most action filled seasons yet! Keep reading each week for your Riverdale recap on TGON!


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