The Voltron fandom collectively lost its mind when DreamWorks finally released the season six trailer for Voltron: Legendary Defender on June 5, 2018. After a couple of cryptic tweets from the official Voltron Twitter account, everyone was scrambling to figure out who might be getting what type of development in the show. I was afraid that the trailer may not live up to whatever expectations the creative team was hyping it up to be, mostly because it felt as though they wanted us completely in the dark before the season premiere. But holy crow was I wrong. This season may be the best yet, and it may be the season where we get answers to a lot of questions that have been building up.

If you have not yet watched the trailer, do so below before continuing.

The moment that stands out the most is when Sendak says to Shiro, “I know your weakness.” This comment could refer to a lot of things, but the fact that it was directed at Shiro, who has acknowledged that he hasn’t been feeling 100 percent like himself, alludes to Sendak having knowledge about Shiro’s condition. Meaning that we could find out if Shiro is a clone, has been brainwashed/magically manipulated or whatever else Haggar may have done to him. It’s also possible that Sendak will plant the seed of doubt in the minds of the Paladins regarding Shiro’s trustworthiness after this statement, which would lead to more investigation into Shiro’s time in the Galra prison.

Another moment which supports this is when Keith returns. Lance shouts out a greeting asking if he is “the real Keith,” which implies that Lance has been handling something pertaining to “not real” people in his life. I believe it’s possible that Lance may be the one who gets the ball rolling on figuring out what’s wrong with Shiro, mostly because Shiro has already confided in Lance that something is wrong and we all know that Lancey-Lance is a hell of a lot more intelligent than his comedic demeanor lets on. Even if he’s not the one who figures it out, it looks like he’s going to take the blow in stride.

Allura had a very small amount of screen time in this trailer, which, for some reason, makes me extremely nervous. I have no doubt that she’s going to be spending a lot more time with Lotor during this season, but it will be odd to see the team without her if that’s the case. My guess is that she’s going to be spending a lot more time going through Honerva’s notes and learning about alchemy, and eventually she’s going to get into the darker portions of notes. Will her findings spark something in her mind that helps her determine that Haggar has some sort of spell cast on Shiro?

On the topic of Allura being absent, I think this may relate to Keith coming back to the team. If Allura is gone, the Blue Lion needs a pilot. It would make sense for Lance to go back to piloting Blue and Keith to come back to pilot the Red Lion. Everything may come back full circle for this season!

On a final note, Lotor is obviously a primary focus this season, but there isn’t much to say about him in this trailer (aside from the fact that his hair looks as gorgeous as ever). Declaring to the entire Empire that he intends to obtain unlimited quintessence is just asking for trouble, and I’m sure the blazing sword is going to have something to do with this issue. Also, if Allura is spending more time with Lotor she will most likely be using her newfound alchemic power to help him gain access to the quintessence and run the risk of ending up like Honerva. Fun times.

Honestly, I could not be more excited for this season! The plot is coming to a head, the characters are developing (just like Lauren and Joaquim told us to wait for) and drama is unfolding at a rapid pace. The Galra Empire is getting more heated than ever and I can’t wait to see how Team Voltron and Lotor pull off a win!

Season six of Voltron: Legendary Defender premieres June 15, 2018, on Netflix.