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Episode Synopsis:

As the inmates’ antics garner news attention, Flaca and Maritza enjoy the spotlight; Brandy and her crew plan to auction Judy to the highest bidder.

Judy King

Judy played a pretty big role in this episode. More to help other inmates, but still. When the power finally comes back on, the inmates finally started seeing the news about their riot. The helicopter footage makes it onto the tv of Judy, Yoga Jones and the skinheads on the roof, and immediately the outside world starts thinking that Judy was also taken “prisoner.” Now to benefit everyone else, they all want a piece of Judy King, so she can be their slave. Taystee and the girls want Judy for themselves, so that they can get her to make a statement to the press. In an all out bidding war (which was a fun scene), Cindy ended up winning Judy. This is when things start getting good. Taystee wants Judy to make a statement, but Janae keeps telling Taystee, that it’d be better if Taystee herself made the statement, because she is an actual prisoner. This was actually a really good point made by Janae. Taystee wanted the press to really listen to what they had to say, and since Judy is a celebrity and a white woman, that’d be the best bet. But I’m glad Janae intervened because in the end, Taystee’s speech was way more powerful. They’ve obviously been in prison longer than Judy, so they know how wrongly they’ve been treated and how things need to change. It does make you think about what’s going on in our real prison system. I don’t know much about it myself, but if minorities (especially blacks), are being treated unfairly in prison, and even women prisoners, then things do need to change. Even though people in prison have committed crimes and should be punished, you can’t make it the absolute worst experience ever, to the point that deaths are happening. Prisoners are people too. And as for the case of Poussey, I think something should be done, because she did die for no reason and you can’t put that to the wayside.

Alex & Piper

These two are still playing house outside, but some factors come into play. Piper notices that a lot of the inmates are dressing up like Alex and following her lead, which makes her suspicious. Alex reveals that she told those inmates that she killed someone, and that instantly makes Piper offended. She thought her and Alex were going to keep it a secret, and Piper also went the extra mile to ask Linda not to tell MCC about it. I guess yet again, Alex and Piper are not on the same page.


We finally get to see more of Aleida and how she’s coping with being out of prison. Sadly, things are not going well; case in point, finding a job. She tries to apply for a job as a manicurist, but it ends up not working out because she has to train first and pay for the lessons. Personally, I’m on Aleida’s side. Her manicures are amazing and she should have her own business, but the business part is what’s holding her back. I say she starts an Instagram account. Aleida ends up getting a call from Gloria, but a lot of things are left unsaid between the two. Aleida lies about her job situation and Gloria makes it seem like Litchfield is normal and gets cold feet about telling Aleida about Daya. Quickly enough, Aleida sees the news and gets mad that Gloria lied to her. She calls up the news station and actually gets asked to come to the station to give an interview.


We’ve already seen a little bit of Janae’s backstory, but now we got to see her at a younger age. We see in the beginning, that Janae was a really bright student, and her and her class got to go on a field trip. The class ends up visiting a private school, which was really prestigious and got to have a tour. I gotta say, this is a really strange field trip to go on. I’m not sure what the students were going to learn from this experience. Usually on field trips, you go to museums or something like that. As a result of seeing how privileged these white students were at this private school, Janae got extremely angry because she felt like she’d never be at their level. What I think really got to her, was when she watched the rehearsals for the schools rendition of “Dreamgirls.” This is a story about these black women, who were trying to make it in the music business and especially Effie, who had the worst struggle of all. I think Janae saw that the girls representing the Dreamgirls on stage, were not black, nor were suffering in any way. She finally saw how race is treated differently. And I think this probably effected her later on in life.

Flaca & Maritza

We never get many scene with Flaca & Maritza, but we found out that the two are posting YouTube videos of their daily lives. The videos are like vlogs, with DIYs and tutorials thrown in. Unfortunately, Flaca figures out about how bad the comment section can get. She notices that Martiza is getting more comments than her.

Angie & Leanne (ft. Coates & Pennsatucky)

Yet again, Angie and Leanne wake up from a long sleep, after getting high on cough syrup, and realize that the gun in missing. They remember that they had hid the gun in a secret spot, but obviously forget where they put it. On the flip side, Pennsatucky and Coates get caught by Boo, and Penns tells Coates to hide in the dryer. As a result of fooling around with Coates, Boo tells Penns to leave him because if they get caught, they’ll both end up in the bubble. Well, things get worse when Angie and Leanne find Coates in the dryer and decide to take him in. Penns catches them and decides to follow their lead, and as a result, sees that Angie hid the gun on her belt. Penns grabs the gun, throws it to Coates and it accidentally goes off and blows off some of Leanne’s finger. This scene wasn’t suppose to be funny, but when Leanne said that Coates blew off her favorite finger, that made me laugh so hard. How could a person have a favorite finger? Penns tells Coates to run out the front door to safety. We see later on that when he finally makes it outside, he gets scared and shocked by all the commotion going on outside, that he ends up fainting.


There also wasn’t a lot of Caputo in this episode, but he did mention some key facts. First, Red decided to pay him a visit and yell at him about hiring Piscatella. Caputo reveals that he knew that Piscatella had previously killed a prisoner at another prison, and was trying to figure out himself, why he hadn’t gotten punished for it. Oh, Caputo and your stupid mistakes. Lastly, he has a talk with Maria and we find out that the 5 years that Piscatella supposedly added onto her sentence, might not have actually made it to her file yet. Good thing for Maria.