The viewers got some interesting perspective during this week’s episode. We got a look inside the dire financial situation the Lyons find themselves in. Jamal and Kai’s relationship hits a few bumps, both personally and professionally. How is Hakeem is holding up physically and musically as he struggles with the loss of his lung?

Lucious confidently schedules a meetup at office space he hoped to secure with previous investors he worked with while running Empire. It didn’t work out, as we discover that Jeff Kingsley sabotaged the meeting. Surprise surprise.

Unable to find investors, Cookie is understandably disheartened by the news. But it’s cute because she’s working with her sisters, Carol and Candace, who’re helping her move things along with Lyon family records.

Jamal and Kai hit a few more small rough patches, as Kai reveals he’s traveling to a war zone to help kids and report back. Jamal makes a quip about him working with Kai’s ex in the field, but they make up when Kai Skypes with Jamal. He’s greeted by an adorable group of children, singing “You’re So Beautiful” and Jamal’s heart is won over. I’m so happy their relationship has held steady thus far. Jamal really deserves some love.

Hakeem seems to have pulled lyrics from his nightmares, writing furiously after dreaming up rhymes. It turned out to be a great track, but it was far too swift for Hakeem to rap on, given the fact that he’s down a lung. I think he made such a stupid mistake passing off the song to Blake.

“I promise to do it justice.” my ass….this will be better understood later.

Andre remains in jail a while longer, after punching another inmate who’d been harassing Quincy, a young boy wrongly convicted in the jail with them. It’s revealed in a series of flashbacks just how much Andre cares for the kid, making sure to pass Quincy another business book while passing by his cell. It’s revealed that Andre orchestrated a vicious stabbing with his crew’s help, which thankfully takes down the tough inmate. Andre had a solid alibi, being in solitary for starting a fight in the lunch room.

What is with the apartment in SoHo? Will we ever get to see Cookie take some time away from Lucious and work on herself? I’m happy Carol encouraged her to create a safety net via the purchase of that property. It’ll do her some good.

Hakeem was able to drop his contract with Empire to sign on with Lyon Family Records. But Jamal still owes Jeff Kingsley an album. Thankfully, Jamal has all the music handling, after creating his first with Hakeem to premiere at the Lyon Family Records party.

Becky is right to want to stay at Empire. She’s beyond earned her position there. I just hope she doesn’t turn on the Lyon’s when she discovers Jeff Kingsley is just like the rest…He visits with Diana DuBois for God’s sake. That can’t be good.


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And who the hell does Blake think he is, hitting on Tiana while helping watch the kids. He even took credit for Hakeem’s song, leading Tiana to believe her boo hadn’t processed any of his trauma through music just yet. Watch yourself man!!

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