Everyone has gotten over the whole humiliate Eden via the puppeteer music box and key. And we are investigating the memories in the bottles that Tyler and Kinsey found in the backyard. Some of the memories feature her Uncle Duncan, her dad’s brother. She shows him one and he is in awe as he watches himself in his own memory. He can’t remember the even but on the feeling and looking at the memory made him sick and he instantly forgot what they just did. Same with her mom when she followed her evil self into the mirror and then forgot about it.

The kids Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode have learned a few things about the keys. One that they can be heard. Two, the kids cannot be taken, only give. Three, adults seem to process the magic. And four, the Well lady is after all the keys and the Well Lady may very well be Lucas, who was one of her dad’s friends and Ellie’s boyfriend. It seems she knows who the Well Lady is because she has a key to the Well House and she called the name Lucas down into the well. Tyler chooses to reject the magic of Key House after learning that something bad did happen on that day. But Kinsey is still curious. She convinces her movie crew friends to continue filming in the sea caves after one of their locations falls through. But the other teammates are a little afraid. And with good reason, because someone lost their life down there. And that someone was Kinsey’s dad’s friend.

Bode finds another key and tries the key on a cabinet in the kitchen. But it doesn’t seem to do anything. So he decides to go explore the property. And while he is playing Well Lady comes to visit him and threaten him to give her the keys. She also gives him a foreboding warning that something bad is coming for them. Then the man who killed their father breaks out of jail by using the fire key that Well Lady gave him. He knows about the keys too. This also prompts Nina to do some more research, especially since Joe ended up dead.

So what really happened in that cave that night someone drowned? How were Ellie and Rendell involved? Was it Lucas who died? Well, we just might find out as Kinsey and her team begins to explore the caves and decide it is really a good spot. Kinsey coaxes them to move deeper into the cave because she wants to see what is actually drew her dad and his friends down there. She is not even concerned with the tide and just marches on. When she gets to what seems like a dead-end, she hears the same chants she hears when a key is close. The team is clueless and are loving the new shooting location. While they’re looking around happily, she goes deeper into the caves and finds the source of the voices behind a glowing blue door.

Then, they realize that hey they tide has come in and the water level is rising. The water continues to rise and rapidly. Kinsey is nowhere to be found. Gabe finds her at the doors, of course, trying to pull open the door that is locked and doesn’t want to leave. Unaware that the tide is rising. Gabe manages to pull her away and they all make it out safely, but the crew lost all their gear. Kinsey apologizes but the damage is done. Now, Kinsey and Gabe have made a love connection, and his just as curious about the keys and the glowing blue door as she is.

Tyler has sworn off the keys and magic and decides to go to a party. After he promised Jackie that he would help her with the 5k walk. Well, he had been helping but flaked at the last minute. And he lets her down for whatever reason. Is it because of the keys? Not exactly sure. Tyler leaves the party and then meets up with the same girl he was talking to at the party, but we know it is the Well Lady. She plans to seduce him and it looks like its working. The murderer reappears at Key House. What are his intentions? We already know he’s willing to kill and now he has the fire key given to him by the Well Lady. Is she just using him for what she wants? And if that is Lucas, how’d he become a girl?