Supernatural’s Season Thirteen finale left us a Winchester short (and no, this is not a joke about Sam being taller), as Dean’s gamble on an Archangel keeping a promise most assuredly did not pay off. Dean was taken over by Michael, leaving a distraught Cas, Sam, and a now-powerless Jack behind after what is arguably the cheesiest fight scene to ever air. Michael takes off with his Sword/meatsuit, and from the sounds of it, this Archangel isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so the 14th season is shaping up to look quite a bit different without the character that is arguably the emotional core of the show.

Image Courtesy of CW

While this is as big a gamble for the show as the one that Dean took, it may not end as disastrously. For one thing, this development is going to give Cas and Sam some bonding time, as the two have never been as close as Dean and his Huckleberry.

“Sam and Cas have never had that same connection,” Misha Collins recently said in an EW interview. “It was formed the moment that Cas pulled Dean out of Hell.”

For another, we’re going to have to watch Jack try to adjust to life without his superpowers. Going from an all powerful nephilim to human is going to leave him in a really dark and twisty place (we get a peek of that in the trailer when he seems to suggest to Cas of all people that letting Dean die might be acceptable).

Image Courtesy of CW

And let’s not forget that we’ll see our Wayward Daughters again this season! Though Wayward Sisters was not picked up by the CW (a huge misjudgment on the network’s part) executive producer Andrew Dabb confirmed at SPN’s panel for San Diego Comic Con that Jodi Mills and others would return this season. Hopefully, that means we’ll get an answer to what the hell happened to Kaia, and have some time to explore the worlds and stories opened up last season.

Supernatural premieres tonight at 8/7c on CW.