After the success of Making a Murderer, it’s no wonder Netflix is investing in more cold case murder mysteries.

The case of Sister Cathy is an eerie one that’s been cold for almost 50 years. Now a group of former students think they have enough real evidence to finally reveal what happened to the nun and get some much deserved justice.

Cathy was just 26 when she was found in the woods, 2 months after her disappearance, with choke marks around her neck and a hollow spot on the back of her head.

Many believe that she was murdered by the church and the very school she worked for because she knew too much about the sexual assault and abuse going on at the hands of the Fathers.

they both look guilty tbh (Netflix)

“This is what happens when you say bad things” is what one student remembers a father telling her after driving her to the woods where they had dumped Sister Cathy’s body, clearly as a warning sign against repeating whatever shady nonsense was going on behind closed doors.

The Keepers drops on Netflix May 19th and hopefully, though many of the featured players (and probably the murderer) are now dead) this group can bring justice to a woman who by all accounts wanted to help and save these students from the abuse of power and flat out abuse the church is so known for.